Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finally... haircut pictures!

Thanks blogger! 
It was very nice of you to have the picture upload option available today.
So here is Tristan eating a piece of candy cane before the haircut.
Oh, look at those lovely, wispy locks!  Sniff.
Candy cane: not the best choice of distracting snack.  
What a sticky, hairy mess! 

The finished product.
What a big boy! 

And a picture of Shayla... over indulging as per usual! 
Shortly after this picture she disappeared again and when she came back the sparkly lip gloss was also in her hair.
'Cause I wanted to look pretty Mom.
OK Shayla, my pretty, pretty little girl.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holy Man Smokes A Molely!

That is what Shayla said when she looked outside the window yesterday morning.
"Holy Man Smokes A Molely!  MOM!  MOOOOM!  The snow is melting!  It's SPRING!"
I guess there is someone else in this house very excited about spring.
I just couldn't break her little heart and tell her that, even though it looks a little like spring, there is still 5 more months of winter to go here in Alberta!
I opted to just let mother nature educate her during the next snow storm.
But then she ran into the kitchen shouting "Dad! Dad!  It's spring!"  And the heartless man replied, "Well, not yet Shayla, we still have a few months of winter left and then it will be spring.  And after spring comes summer, then fall and then..."
And Shayla pipes up very excitedly, "And then it's WINTER again! Yay!"
Alrightly, I guess she is just excited about the change of seasons.
I remember being like that... a long time ago... before going outside in the winter took me 40 minutes to dress and then undress 6 kids for 20 minutes of outside time! :)
So I'm just gonna stick with believing this until mother nature proves me wrong:
Holy Man Smokes A Moley! It's Spring!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kimberly you live in Alberta... Remember?!

So we went ice fishing today... with Shayla and Tristan. 
The temperature was -18.
Turns out, ice fishing, with kids, in that kind of cold, isn't much fun. 
Pardon? What was that?  Oh, the rest of you already knew that?

Sometimes I feel like I will never really remember that I live in Alberta now!
Maybe if I say it slowly enough... Kimberly. You. Live. In. Alberta. Now.  It is cold here.  It is windy here.  Pretty. Much. All. The. Time. And when I say cold, I mean really cold.  And, yes, it may have been warmish yesterday.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN TODAY WILL BE WARMISH!  Just because the sun is out and it looks nice outside, remember, it most likely will not actually be nice outside! And when the Weather Network says -18 that means -18 if not -25 with the windchill.  It does NOT mean that, maybe, if the sun stays out, and you cross your fingers really hard, that it could possibly, even have a chance, of warming up to a bearable temperature!
And your husband grew up here.  Maybe you should start listening to him.  Maybe he isn't just being a pansy ass... maybe he actually knows that it is cold here.  Too cold, to go outside, with kids, for an extended length.

Although, after saying all that, one of us did had fun.
Shayla. She seemed to have a great time.  The ice fishing hut had a little heater and was pretty warm.  And for some unexplainable reason that girl seems to actually like just sitting there and fishing with her Dad.  Weird.  Maybe it's because of the fish camera being so TV like!  hahaha!  OK or maybe she actually does just like fishing.

Tristan, on the other hand, did not enjoy one minute of it.  Not even the first minute, when he couldn't have even been THAT cold!  Man, what a baby!

Actually I think Clayton had some fun too.  Him and Shayla were pretty cute fishing buddies.  But I'm sure he mostly was enjoying the fact that HE was RIGHT and I was WRONG.  Even though he didn't say anything or elude to it at all, cause he's all nice guy all the time.

Come on Clayton... one time don't you just feel like shouting at your crazy wife...
I told you so b-otch!

PS.  Blogger is still not letting me upload pictures.  I have no idea why.  Maybe next week?!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hope 2013 is treating everyone well so far!
I was going to post a picture of Tristan's first haircut... but the blogger picture upload is not working for me today.
So I'll just tell you... Tristan got a new haircut for 2013!  And he didn't like it one bit.  I'm not sure if he actually didn't want short hair or just hated the noisy clipper buzzing by his ears!  ;)
Shayla on the other hand apparently wants short hair.
She hopped in the booster seat after Tristan's hair was cut as good as it was gonna get and said she wanted cut hair just like mine.
Oh Shayla Mom only knows how to do trims on long hair or use the clippers on Dad and Tristan's hair.
OK Mom I'll have cut hair like Tristan.
Before I could say anything Clayton interjects, Oh no Shayla, you are a girl, you can't have short hair like Tristan!
Oh REALLY I thought... and without really thinking turned on the clippers and buzzed her head!
Now I bet you really wish I was able to post those pictures!

OK. Fine. I am kidding.
I told her if she really wanted short hair we could book an appointment with a real hairdresser in the spring.
Well hopefully I can get some pictures up of Tristan's haircut in the next few days.
Happy 2013!
Hope it's a great year for everyone.