Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kimberly you live in Alberta... Remember?!

So we went ice fishing today... with Shayla and Tristan. 
The temperature was -18.
Turns out, ice fishing, with kids, in that kind of cold, isn't much fun. 
Pardon? What was that?  Oh, the rest of you already knew that?

Sometimes I feel like I will never really remember that I live in Alberta now!
Maybe if I say it slowly enough... Kimberly. You. Live. In. Alberta. Now.  It is cold here.  It is windy here.  Pretty. Much. All. The. Time. And when I say cold, I mean really cold.  And, yes, it may have been warmish yesterday.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN TODAY WILL BE WARMISH!  Just because the sun is out and it looks nice outside, remember, it most likely will not actually be nice outside! And when the Weather Network says -18 that means -18 if not -25 with the windchill.  It does NOT mean that, maybe, if the sun stays out, and you cross your fingers really hard, that it could possibly, even have a chance, of warming up to a bearable temperature!
And your husband grew up here.  Maybe you should start listening to him.  Maybe he isn't just being a pansy ass... maybe he actually knows that it is cold here.  Too cold, to go outside, with kids, for an extended length.

Although, after saying all that, one of us did had fun.
Shayla. She seemed to have a great time.  The ice fishing hut had a little heater and was pretty warm.  And for some unexplainable reason that girl seems to actually like just sitting there and fishing with her Dad.  Weird.  Maybe it's because of the fish camera being so TV like!  hahaha!  OK or maybe she actually does just like fishing.

Tristan, on the other hand, did not enjoy one minute of it.  Not even the first minute, when he couldn't have even been THAT cold!  Man, what a baby!

Actually I think Clayton had some fun too.  Him and Shayla were pretty cute fishing buddies.  But I'm sure he mostly was enjoying the fact that HE was RIGHT and I was WRONG.  Even though he didn't say anything or elude to it at all, cause he's all nice guy all the time.

Come on Clayton... one time don't you just feel like shouting at your crazy wife...
I told you so b-otch!

PS.  Blogger is still not letting me upload pictures.  I have no idea why.  Maybe next week?!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog entry Kimberly. Too funny. Also, a good reminder what a special guy you have that doesn't rub in anything with "I told you so"... he,he
That is actually so neat that Shayla likes ice fishing with her Dad...and hunting...and hockey...
Bloody wind, eh?!...makes the thermometer lie! Poor Tristan... he's not well equipped for the cold... no fat what so ever.
Love farm Gramma out here in overcast and foggy, BUT WARMER BC. he,he :)

Your smarter old sister said...

So now you know for next time, send Shayla fishing with daddy, put Tristan down for a nap and pour yourself a drink, put your feet up and RELAX! For crying out loud!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your smarter sister is showing her wisdom Kimberly.... he,he
Corrine wasn't born yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Do you think blogger thinks you have too many pictures or data (??) on your site????
Just a thought. :)

Kimberly said...

Hahaha! Corrine... or should I say old sister... smarter? yeah right!!!! ;)
Actually, this time, that is exactly what I should have done. Just like Tristan I did not enjoy even one minute of it! What a baby!!! :)