Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mom, I'm not gonna eat this.

This is what we heard from the backseat of the car on our girls trip to the Calgary Science Centre a week ago.
Mom, I'm not gonna eat this.
And I'm thinking, what food does she have back there?  I didn't give her anything.  Ah, she probably found a dried up raisin in her carseat.
So I glance back and Shayla is holding her hand out, pointer finger extended with a huge, slimy green booger on it.  It was so large, disgusting and unexpected that I did a double take and almost slammed into the rush hour traffic that was ahead of us on the deerfoot.  That distracted driver law forgot to include one of the largest distraction there is: driving with your children! 
(Side note: when we first pulled onto the deerfoot our little niece, Megan, was quite concerned about all the traffic, Aunty... why did you drive into all these cars?  And a while after that, Aunty... my Mom doesn't drive in cars like this!  And again, unaffected by the boogie and still fixated on the cars, Aunty... pleeeeease get out of here.  These cars are too close!  It was like the three Gooch sisters actually were on this road trip... Corrine was just bossing me around from the backseat this time.  At least mini Corrine included the word please in her backseat driving instructions! ;)

But I digress... back to the boogie that should have been given a name and put on display:

Mom!  I said I'm not gonna eat this!
Oh thank goodness Shayla.  That is one gross looking boogie, please don't eat it.
My sister, Vanessa, who, being the youngest of two older sisters, is very use to following instructions without complaint, got a tissue and disposed of the huge booger in a socially acceptable and much less disgusting fashion.  (Even though she, herself, is a big advocate of Shayla picking her own nose... Oh Shayla, I'm with you, sometimes you just gotta get that boogie out and your little finger is the perfect size to fit in that hole and dig.  Although this might have more to do with the fact that she doesn't have her own kids yet so can have her fun messin' with ours... you just wait Vanessa... one day there will be some payback!  evil muhahahaha!)

Oops... I digress again:
Shayla continued, Mom, one day I won't eat my boogies.  And when I'm a Mom, I won't pick my nose anymore.  OK Mom.
And I replied, OK Shayla.
...if that isn't realistic goal setting then I don't know what is!
Ah my Shayla Rae! ;)


Vanessa said...

How do you make a tissue dance?.... Put a little boogie in it!! hahaha

Ahhh, Shay Rae is one interesting gal! The things that come out of that little mouth... (and sometime into it!) Crazy girl.

I like how you sneaked in one more February post... I was wondering how long it was going to be before I got some new reading material.

Kimberly said...

Hey Vanessa... like how I waited until you commented and then got up at 4 in the morning and did an 'update'?
And no one else would have known you wrote your comment before I added the extra stuff about your nose picking advocacy!
Oh yeah, us older sisters... we're all sneaky like that! hahaha
(And then brag about our sneakiness and ruin the whole thing!)

Vanessa said...

Now they will all know! But I do advocate nose picking... When appropriate of course! I started to reread your post, and was like, 'man I missed this part... What I don't remembering that.... What, this is like a whole new post!'
Thanks for the update, makes re-reading blogs much more interesting! :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, loved this one! Made me laugh


Anonymous said...

Too funny.
Shayla does say the darndest things!
Poor Megan... she sounded worried. How were you driving Kimberly?
Can someone make a comment while you are entering a post Kimberly.... OR can you re open a post and add to it. What is Vanessa referring to?
Love Mom :)

Anonymous said...

What? No picture of the green boogie!

corrine said...

LOL oh Shayla, your mom is going to have so much dirt to share when you are older and easily embarrassed!=)
So Meg didn't like rush hour driving?