Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A prairie child

For someone who grew up surrounded by trees, mountains and lakes it feels slightly unsettling when the realization hits you... I have true prairie children... born and bred, as they say!

A few days ago we were headed east and there was a slight dip in the road on the otherwise vase flatness.  I must point out, it wasn't even a coulee, just a small depression in the land.
Shayla shouts, very excited, 'Mom, we are going down a mountain! Weeeeeeeee!'

All I could think was, What the hell?  Seriously?  Child, you have been to the mountains more then a few times!  You of all prairie children should know this is NOT a mountain!

Out loud I said, 'Downhills are fun, hey Shayla!  Even small ones!'

Then today we were outside and it was actually calm and warm and beautiful!  It felt like spring was just around the corner.  Then 10 minutes passed and the wind started to howl.  Not just blow but a full on gale!

Very disappointed that we missed the hour of calm, I voiced my complaint, 'Really?  It was so warm and nice and now I'm freezing in this horrible wind!'

Shayla, who had just climbed up to the top level of the playhouse and was partly sheltered, shouts down at me through the hurricane winds with her hair whipping across her face, 'MOM!  IT'S NOT THAT WINDY OUT!  I'M STILL WARM!'

That's when the wind picked her up, right out of the playhouse and smashed her to the ground!  And I shouted 'Windy enough for ya now, kid?!'  (OK maybe not.  But if she was a little lighter it could have!)

Anyhow, we are heading to my parents for a week over Easter.  This kid needs a little de-prairie-tization!  ;)  And this Mom needs a little less wind!


Vanessa said...

hahahahahaha! Poor little Alberians!
Just teasing.
You know what, maybe it is a blessing in disguise... they won't ever take beautiful (claustrophobic) mountains for granted, they will be tough when it comes to wind and cold and snow in July, as well they will not have to search out adrenaline producing activities to get a bigger thrill than they are used to on a daily basis... and most of all, when they are adults they will be able to afford a vacation property on Shuswap lake, and my children can come over and have boating weekends with them (using their boat of course!)

Anonymous said...

Power of the wind! AND the Word!
Blew Shayla like a turd!!