Monday, April 29, 2013

5 little monkeys jumping on the bed?

Or not!

Well I did have a post about poop.  And normally, because I find poop stories so hilarious, they trump all other stories!

Well this trumps poop even!
No, that is not a close up of our baby boy's groin region!  The circle on the right is baby A`s head and on the left, baby B's!  Holy Man Smokes a Moley!

Baby A, oh so cute!  ;)

And Baby B, just as cute! :)
So, looks like it'll be 6 little monkeys jumping on the bed in this house!  Or 4 little monkeys jumping on the bed and 2 big monkeys trying desperately to get some much needed sleep on previously mentioned bed!
When I asked Shayla what she thought about having two babies she said, I think it will be really loud with all the crying!
Tristan just laughed at me.
And later, when I told Megan what her cousin Shayla had said, she contemplated it for a moment and then said, Yeah, my baby, Logan IS pretty loud! I think she was saying I hear ya girl!
And Clayton, during a 2 kid crying fest today, shouted above the racket, And there is going to be double this noise... what the...!
Well that`s its folks.
I am off to take a nap!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The new teacher

Shayla recently asked me, 'Mom, why don't I go to playschool anymore?'
I was wondering when she would notice.
So I explained about her teacher needing some time off to have a baby and that they still needed to find a new teacher.
Well they finally did.
And today was the first day back.  We practiced the new teacher's name, as it was a hard one.  Shayla got it down pretty well.  When we were done practicing, she looked at me, head cocked to one side in mock curiosity, and said, 'I wonder what color of hair my new teacher will have?'
And then, of course, went on by answering her own question.  'Maybe it'll be purple or blue.!'
'Maybe,' I said, 'Or it might be brown.'
'Yeah, maybe brown.  Or maybe purple or blue!'

Clayton picked her up from playschool and as soon as she walked in the front door, even before she showed me what movie she had picked, she excitedly informed me, 'Mom, guess what?!  My new teacher has BROWN hair!  Can you believe it!'
I wonder what was so hard to believe; that her teacher had brown hair or that her Mom was actually right!

Nope Shayla, I did not see that one coming.  Shocking! 
(I was totally crossing my fingers for purple or blue!)

Monday, April 15, 2013

A few pictures from the last few months

Tristan enjoying a toboggan ride.  This picture was taken in one of the months where I am completely fine with snow being on the ground.  Although it could have been taken today as that is what it looks like around here at the moment.  Grrrr. 

Our new cute little puppy dog!

And since we were acquiring pets we thought why not get ourselves a kangaroo as well!

Puppet shows were a big hit for a couple months at our house.

Tristan getting in on the action as well.

Dress up never fails to bore these two!

Shayla's first ride on a school bus.  And her first playschool field trip.  But riding the bus was definitely Shayla's highlight.

Standing in front of the green screen at CHAT TV.

Peeking out of a hallow log at Police Point park.

I wonder who gave Tristan that shirt?!!!

We had a great visit to the farm over Easter and we had lovely weather into the 20s!
We also had a small early surprise birthday party for my Mom's 60 birthday.  The girls had a blast decorating and hiding when they saw Gramma coming in the driveway.

Shayla's haircut.  I was very relieved she didn't pick a haircut like Tristan's.  She did look through a hair book and pick a cut... it was so cute to watch.  Then afterwards when I told her a loved her new haircut she said, 'Yeah but it is still a little too long!'  So I guess we'll see how short she goes in the future!

Doing dishes with Grandma Anne.
Shayla was desperately looking for this hat, which neither Clayton or I knew what she was talking about until she said, 'It's in my dress up clothes, YOU KNOW.  My yellow rain hat!' 
I knew this Newfoundland purchase would come in useful one day! 

Staying dry!

Tristan enjoying being outside even in the pouring rain.

OK spring.  I am ready.  Hurry the heck up!