Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Shayla!

My sweet little girl... getting so big!
 This was pretty much the only picture I could find of just Shayla!
Otherwise the pictures of our fun filled weekend depict that she was stuck like glue to this girl:

What, are you two besties or something?!

Oh twins!
And they did get lots of people ask if they were twins on Shayla's birthday night out for a fancy dinner and a movie.
And still twins the following day as well.
Okay there were a few other people along for the fun! 
A cute little firefighter.

My handsome boys at the Fire Department open house.

Checking out the demo car!

Farm Gramma made the long drive for some weekend fun.  So glad she came!

Tristan was happy to stay in the backpack while exploring the hoo doos at Writing on Stone.
I thought that was great... Clayton, maybe not so much!

Some of the other explorers, eyeing up the cupcakes.

These girls were crazy, climbing, monkey, adventurers! 

 Tristan kind of monopolized Lucas' bike.

Shayla's jewelry box.  After she opened it she gushed, I just love it, thanks so much for getting it for me Mom! And then ran over and gave me a big hug.
Note to self: On your kids birthdays, get them something they want instead of something they need.  Such a better experience!  And you're all thinking: Duh!
I had such a great weekend.
I'm pretty sure Shayla did too as tonight when I was tucking her into bed I told her my favorite thing about today and then she told me hers:
You know my favorite thing about today Mom? Climbing on the hoo doos!
And that happened yesterday!
And I guess everyone says it... must be because it's true:
Wow has 4 years flown by!
Love you sweet Shayla Rae!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Okay, a little bit more teaching of appropriate talk might be nice!

Ages ago, in that serene time before we knew there were two babies in the belly bump, the four of us were having dinner.  I must have been over tired.  We had all settled into eating the salmon that was on the menu and things were pretty quiet, when Tristan let out a huge burp.  It was such a loud man burp and everyone had been so quiet previous that it kind of startled me.  Which then induced me into a bout of uncontrollable laughing. Both kids joined in of course, because what kid in their right mind passes up a chance to be goofy?!  Tristan was pretty proud of himself and started being the prefect class clown.  And Shayla, quite appropriately, laughed at all Tristan's antics which were apparently down right hilarious.

For some reason, Clayton, who was possibly well rested, hadn't really joined in on the silliness.  Or maybe he was just too focused on choking down the salmon.  Seriously, what is up with fishermen who don't like eating fish?! Or maybe he's just not a silly kind of guy.
Anyhow, he then lets out a burp, quite unaware of how humorous it is, making Shayla and Tristan break out laughing again.

Shayla says, Daaaaad, now you burped, you goof!

Well I guess we know where Tristan gets his burping from, I say.

Without skipping a beat, Clayton comes back with, And Shayla gets her farting from Mom.

Daaaaaaaaad, you're silly, screeches Shayla.

And I am laughing again, because wow, we Hodgsons are a classy bunch.  Very diligent on teaching our children good table manors and appropriate table talk.  Do we dare ever let them eat at someone else's house?  They'll be shouting at people to wake up when saying grace. Then burping or farting and laughing instead of saying excuse me.  We better curb these habits before there is four of them and all hell breaks loose!

And while we're on the subject of appropriate talk:

Clayton, Shayla might get her farting from me, but I am alleging that she gets her bathroom talk from you.
Earlier that same day, Shayla had urgently called me into the bathroom, Mom my poop isn't sweet!

Okay. But what is sweet poop, Shayla?

She looks at me like I am so clueless and says, You know, when it sticks to your bum.  Like juicy.

Oh. Okay. Did you call me in here because you need help wiping your bum?

Now she's just plain irritated at my lack of understanding, No! I told you my poop isn't sweet today!

Alrighty, so you called me in, to let me know your poop isn't sweet today.  Got it!

So, am I doing her a disservice not teaching her socially acceptable ways to talk about poop or other things for that matter?  I can hear the laughter on the playground already... Shayla's got sweet poop, neener, neener, neener!  But I just don't have the heart to stamp on her creativeness and unique ways of thinking and expressing herself.  Is it really that socially important that we all fit into the same neat little box?

Oh geez... looks like I'll be sending her to a Waldorf school after all!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Peeing on the pot... still better than sliced bread!

The kids were outside running through the sprinklers this evening as Clayton was cooking some burgers on the BBQ.  Oh how I love warm, calm weather! And dinner consisted of, Tristan anyhow, wrapped in a towel which eventually turned into just eating buck naked.  But he's got a really cute bum so that's okay!  ;)
After dinner he was playing by the picnic table when he tooted and then looked all surprised and grabbed at his bum.
Do you have to poop Tristan? 
He tooted again and then squatted down and looked like he was trying to push one out.
So I ran inside and grabbed the little potty and put it beside him.
He then climbed onto it backwards, still in squat position.  Then , as if a light went on in his head, and he suddenly remembered what adults do on the toilet. He climbed off, lifted the lid and pretended to vomit into the toilet.
I knew he had been paying attention!
It was hilarious.  We all laughed and laughed.  And then he laughed and got really theatrical with his pretend vomiting.  And I thought, well it was just too funny not to laugh, but now we've really ruined the chance of him pooping on there.  Oh well.  When he is ready he will do it.  That's how it went with Shayla and it was a great experience. So that is my plan with Tristan as well, just let it happen when it does... it is a natural occurrence after all that at some point one must no longer want stuck to their bum!
And then Shayla said, Tristan you goofball let me show you how to sit on there!
As she was moving in for the take over he turned around and plunked his cute little tush on the seat.
Oh look Shayla, I said, he's already been learning from you about how to sit on the toilet.
Then we look back at Tristan, who is straining.  And when he stands up there is actually a dribble of pee in there!
So we all high five and make a pretty big deal and Shayla is really excited because she taught her little brother that, which makes Tristan really excited.
So he sits back down and starts straining again and by God there was another dribble in there.

This continued for the next 10 minutes.

He even managed to push out two small turds!  As if!

I was actually starting to get a little worried, like don't bust a vein in your head buddy.  Okay maybe you should stop now.
Apparently you can make too big a deal about someone pooping on the pot!
Finally we got him distracted with a cloth and spray bottle of water.  Thankfully, before he popped out a hemorrhoid!

I still can't even believe it, from really no interest what-so-ever, to physically making himself poop on the pot!  What a kid!
And maybe this won't lead to anything much right away and that is fine.

But man the whole thing was just so dang funny and pretty amazing really.
Yes I just described pooping on the pot as amazing!
Cut me some slack, I still have a headache and sinus pressure that is probably effecting my better judgement and bed rest is now just a distant memory.

Although I'd take the events of this fun filled family evening over bed rest any day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Some doctor ordered bed rest...

... what could be better then that?! 
(Except maybe bed rest with some actual medication that would kick this thing to the curb. But I digress.)
Now don't get me wrong, bed rest prescribed for any extended length of time would get pretty boring and would be just plain unrealistic with 2 kids.
But today... today has been heavenly.
Heavenly, even though I still have this persisting headache and plugged up sinus pressure.  But I feel less sore and achy, the horrible pain in my head is, hopefully, subsiding and it is the end of the day and I don't feel like ripping my or someone else`s head off.
Maybe this has something to do with the fact that yes I still felt pretty rotten but I didn't have 6 kids to feed and entertain on top of that!
And to think, I needed a doctor to tell me, hey lady, you're pregnant with twins, you're sick, what you need is to take it easy, get some sleep, lay in bed, take care of yourself.  Get some help!
I have always found it hard to ask for help.  Some weird need to prove I can do and I can do it myself.
Maybe having twins will break me of this.  (Watch out friends and family, needy Kimberly is about to be unleashed!)
And yes Clayton, I can picture you reading this and thinking,`what, you don`t ask for help?  What is she talking about!`  Clayton, you are the one person I feel quite comfortable asking to help and do so quite frequently... THANK YOU for all you always do!

This morning Clayton had shut the bedroom door as he was getting the kids ready to go to Anne`s, trying to keep it quiet for me I guess.  But I could still hear Shayla excitedly packing her things for a sleepover at Grandma`s.  She was talking to herself, `And when Riley and Zoe were here they had 2 sleepovers at Grandma`s, so I will probably have 2 sleepovers too.`  Hope she`s not too disappointed when Clayton picks her up tomorrow!   
When Clayton popped in to the room to get something I asked him to leave the door open. 
`But I thought you wanted some quiet.` 
`Well, yeah, but I also want to say goodbye to my two little sweethearts.`
They both came running in, Shayla excitedly telling me about her upcoming sleepover at Grandma`s while giving me big hugs. And Tristan was all smiles and grunts, giving me a big wet kiss. 
Just adorable.
Then a minute later Tristan threw a full on screaming fit about something and I was like, `You`re right Clayton, I want some quiet.  You can take them away now!`

But, I suppose, I should get back to bed, as I sit up writing this I feel my headache regaining a little strength.  I thought my body might need a little break from laying down.  Apparently not... I can feel it starting to scream at me... get your ass to bed lady.  It`s what the doctor ordered!  And the kids will be back tomorrow... there`s a time limit on this bed rest thing you know!