Sunday, June 30, 2013

She got it from her Momma

The other morning when Shayla woke up and came into our room the first thing she said was, 'I think I should clean my room.  I keep stepping on toys.'
'Good idea Shayla, it is kind of a disaster!'
But then she added, 'I need your help.'
That room does need a good reorganization, especially before we try and stick Tristan in there.  But it is just something I am not looking forward to.
So I kept putting her off.
Until she said, 'Maybe I'll surprise you.  Mom don't come in my room, okay?'
This looks 100 times better... wish I had a before picture!
I love when the barbies and stuffed animals are tucked into bed somewhere random... like the steps she uses to get onto her bed.

Now I know some neat freaks would be horrified that I was super excited about this clean job... that I didn't even have to help with... woo hoo!
And I, myself, kind of chuckled about her piles of crap shoved into corners and on shelves and into her closet.
Then I returned to my room...

So there you have it... even if I had helped it wouldn't have looked much different!
Guess she got her cleaning talents from her Momma!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Children's Festival

Shayla really enjoyed the festival this year.
Tristan came with his Dad after he woke up from his nap.  He seemed to have a pretty good time too.  His favorite spot was the Fire Department booth.  Fire trucks and water hoses, what could be more fun than that!  It suited Clayton just fine as well.
And I really enjoyed myself too.

Shayla loved the performers this year.  We watched for almost 2 hours and then had to go back later too.  I think this was Shayla's favorite; The One Women Circus.  And her first taste at preforming... she was called up on stage.  Apparently this lady was absolutely hilarious!  She was pretty funny actually.

When we came back later the musician asked for volunteers to come up and sing any song.  It took some coaxing but finally a little boy went up.  Then he asked again and Shayla's hand shot up.  She got up on stage and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  It was so sweet.  I don't have any pictures because I recorded it but I think it is too long to upload on here.  Darn!  Later when we watched it on the computer she said, 'I sung it so shy.'  And at bedtime asked me to sing Twinkle Twinkle... 'but sing it shy Mom, I'll show you how.
I must be pregnant because watching her up there singing made me tear up a little. 

The reptiles were a hit too.  When Tristan finally got up the courage to touch the lizard he shouted and jumped/stumbled backwards quickly.  It must have felt a little too weird for him.  So we decided not to stick him in the picture with Shayla, who wanted to hold the snake.

And then she was back up, preforming again, for the Zumba demo.

Tristan was quite content to watch.  He sat really nicely actually... even without the chips!
The kids had fun, we had fun watching the kids have fun, no one had a temper tantrum and the weather was fairly decent which, all in all, made for a really enjoyable day!  What father wouldn't want to spend Father's Day doing this... I mean really?!  :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sick again... grrrrrrrrrrr!

This is how I felt this morning at 4:30 when Shayla came into our bed and puked.
What?  How could one of us possibly be sick... with the flu... again?!!!
Have we not had our fair share already this year?  How often do families get sick?  Is this normal???!!!

I have always prided myself on being a healthy person, rarely was I sick.  And even in Shayla's first couple of years none of us really got sick, at least not with the flu.
So this just seems absolutely crazy to me.  I can't even imagine the fun we will have when we add two more children to the mix!  Will we just spend our winters circulating the flu from person to person?  I'll be the laundry queen and the house will just constantly smell like puke.  Wait, winter... it's June for crying out loud!!!

Right now all I am desperately hoping is that Tristan does not get this bug.
Shayla being sick is one thing.  Shayla pukes and then happily goes about her business until she feels the need to puke again.  And most of the time she gets it all in the bucket.
Tristan on the other hand becomes what some might call man sick.  Severely man sick!
He just laid on me for three days.  I couldn't put him down.  And he didn't want anything to do with that horrible bucket.  So the pair of us just constantly got covered in puke.  Just writing that made me cringe.  Please Lord, let this one skip over Tristan, pretty please.

Well, Shayla hasn't puked for almost 2 hours.  And this all started with a cough.  So maybe we are not in for the long haul.  Better get out of my dread and onto some positive thinking!

Shayla is quite excited about a Mommy, Shayla and Tristan day.  Possibly because I told her we are just going to watch movies all day!  That girl loves TV.  (Probably because I regulate it too much. My plan to have non TV addicted kids seems to be biting me in the butt so far! Just an hour at quiet time Shayla.  Although, lately some mornings as well, when I don't feel like getting out of bed that early!)

Well I better go.  I have some serious TV watching and cuddling to do!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Out for a bike ride!

This video was taken about a month ago.
Shayla, biking without training wheels!
Now she is really a crazy biker girl!
Starting on her own.  Making skid marks on the cement!
Can't wait until I feel up to going for a bike ride with her.
Although, I suppose that might not be until next year!
Way to go my little biker girl!