Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Double trouble

This made my week!
 It is the stroller Clayton bought Corrine when he had her name at Christmas a few years ago.
It was the wrong one.
So of course, at the time, we bugged him about it.
But then it worked out great when Corrine ran her dayhome.
And now with a few simple modifications and a strap from my old stroller, I have a double stroller that will work for the twins!
And all I had to do was a simple trade. 
(And Corrine gets the style of stroller she wanted in the first place.)
No new stroller had to be manufactured for only a years use!
No cash transaction had to take place.
Life is good.
And now I sound like a kijiji commercial! 
I love those commercials!
Nice work Clayton on a perfectly wrong purchase!
And I think he found the stroller on kijiji in the first place!


Anonymous said...

Good going Clayton!
Did you have a vision that it would be needed for twins down the road? he,he
I like the switch-er-roo aspect!
LOL :)

Allise said...

Yay for free things and not acquiring more crap!
Good work Clayton!

Anonymous said...

Clayton bought Corrine a used Christmas gift??

Kimberly said...

Sure did! Even if buying used Christmas gifts wasn't Gooch approved... he still probably would have... being it was Corrine and all! :) The best gift exchange gift ever was when Kevin gave Jeryn every item on his list... none of it was new. It was too funny!