Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sharing a room!

Sharing a room has so far gone quite well!
We compromised on the bunk bed because Shayla really
wanted to keep her bed. 

We talked about how I shared, a bed even, with my sister(s)
and how much fun we had talking before we feel asleep.

At one point she said, Mom if Tristan wakes up in the night
I will just go cuddle with him so he feels better and you don't
have to because it's hard for you with your big belly.
So far she hasn't batted an eyelid when he's woken up and
fussed in the night.)

I think these new toy boxes also really helped!
Thanks to Ryan for his beautiful handiwork. 
And I finally finished Tristan's wall letters.
So yeah it's been great so far.
Even going to bed has been pretty easy most nights.
Probably because we have been putting Tristan to bed first
and waiting until he is asleep to put Shayla to bed.
Except tonight when I decided to try at the same time.
I thought they were both pretty tuckered out.
Guess not.
After singing many songs and laying with each kid and
coming back in the room a couple of times.  I finally said,
You can choose to stay awake for a bit or go to sleep but
Mom is shutting the door and not coming back in here.
I could hear both of them talking and moving around.
And then I heard Shayla start shouting for her Dad to come lay.
(Clayton, who was out in the garden, told me later that she was sticking
her hand out the window and everything.)
Tristan was shouting too.
After a while I couldn't really hear Shayla anymore just Tristan randomly making
 noise and toys crashing to the floor. There was no crying so I didn't go in right away but finally my curiosity got the better of me.
When I peeked in, there was Tristan standing up on the front of Shayla's bed playing with her toys.
I couldn't see Shayla anywhere.
As I got closer, I could see her cuddled under the covers, Tristan's feet straddling her head.
She was sound asleep!
Guess she won't be waking up in the night when Tristan's cries!

Oh and Happy 2nd Birthday Tristan
little nudist hippy who tried his darnedest
to strip down buck naked at the park
to run through the sprinklers.
 Love ya little buddy!


Vanessa said...

Wow, it looks great in there! What a neat and tidy kids room. Yes, very nice toy boxes, and paintings and wall letters. I noticed Shayla's PJ's are hand-me-down retro too. Is she still wearing those all the time? Glad you took my advice and didn't send them too the thrift store!
Hope same time bed time starts working out better. I got quite the chuckle at Tristan standing over a sleeping shayla, play with her stuff!! haha, smart kiddo :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha... the joys of the shared room! I found it best when I just put them to bed and then ignored the rest. Eventually they figured out to just quiet themselves. If I started going in for every noise and whim then it was 'game over'. I now make it clear from the moment they go to bed that I am not coming back (so easy to blame the belly :) Best of luck and they will have it figured out in no time... or just wait a few nights for Shayla to get frustrated enough to train Tristan all by herself!

Anonymous said...

Nice toy boxes and whole room. Love that... Shayla falling to sleep while Tristan is stilll making all the noise. Guess Tristan to bed first for now.... why not? He's younger anyway! Isn't that fair? he,he
The novelty should wear off and they'll just go to sleep! Right? You think?
I like the two beds rather than the bunks too.... It kind of separates their space a little if need for "privacy"... as Shayla says.
Love Mom :)
PS: I didn't know you gals talked all night.... thought you were sleeping soundly down there! Hummmmm. he,he

Allise said...

I'm glad that the room sharing is going well so far. What great memories these two will have from sharing a room. I was totally a kid who would have loved to share a room... but I don't think Daniel would want to share with me :)