Thursday, September 5, 2013

Your babies will probably come between 36 and 38 weeks... because twins come earlier... HA! I knew better... Gooch babies don't come out early, they need the extra time inside to get gigantic!

I had my 38 week ultrasound today.
Baby A weighs 6lbs 4oz
Baby B weighs 6lbs 14oz
Plus or minus a pound she says...
if she wanted to make me feel better she should have left out the plus!
There was just too much baby in there for the tech to even be able to comment on the status of my cervix. Just because everyone was wondering and all!

Now these pictures were taken a few weeks ago, so I am probably noticeably bigger... but still... how do 14lbs of baby fit in there?
If my organs could talk they would tell you... not comfortably!

Kimberly: Due September Now!

My cousin Allise: Due October

My sister Vanessa: Due December
Bring on all the baby fun!


Amber said...

Oh I feel your pain! Or at least half of it...

They're coming tonight!

Allise said...

Come on babies!! Hopefully at no more than 6lbs each their heads can't be your 'normal' size :) My belly has certainly grown since that photo, and I'm pretty sure it's all been up into my ribs! This kid likes to be up high... and if I eat to squish it down it revolts and digs it's heels into my liver :) I will think ripe, open, birthing thoughts for you today and this weekend :) I'm off to be a bridesmaid in Osooyoos! Thank goodness the temperature has dropped :) XO

Allise said...

Oh and I was also going to say: how is it that the one of us that has two children to run around after and is pregnant with twins looks the most awake and, in my opinion, the best!?!?! Hopefully you can find a silver lining in the next day or so and 'enjoy' /reflect on, maybe, the last time you will have this experience for yourself :)

Gillian said...

Hey Kimberly! We're thinking of you (and maybe just a little bit about Clayton) and praying those babies come soon/now. Good luck with everything ahead!!

Anonymous said...

just think of how beautiful and healthy those little beans will be at that size :)

Corrine said...

Ok Babies,
You are 39 weeks tomorrow and probably 7 lbs each!!!! Time to come out into the world! Your family really wants to meet you! Also, I hope you both have small heads!!!