Friday, October 25, 2013


We love you, Grandpa!
I will always remember and cherish the summer that I went with you to Great Uncle Gordy's and got to experience farming with horses and good old redneck life!  (Maybe that's why I was drawn to and ended up living in Alberta!) 
Thanks for all the horse drawn wagon rides, hot chocolate visits with you and Grandma around the big dinning room table, sharing all the interesting stories of your childhood, your horse help and knowledge when I was in 4-H, the cuddles and love you showered on my children and the wonderful family get togethers for birthdays, anniversaries and holiday celebrations.  Such a close, amazing (and a little crazy :) family you leave behind!
We will miss you, Grandpa.
But are so glad to have shared so many wonderful moments with you that will remain in our memories forever.
I imagine you are riding your horse through a lush green field where the sun will always shine.
See you there one day.
Love always.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Boo hoo

And they are off!  5 weeks went by way too fast.
Thank you so much Mom for all your help.  And you too Dad.
Love you both.

After they left Clayton asked Shayla what she wanted to do today and she thought for a moment and then said excitedly, 'Go to Farm Grammas!'
I hear ya kid.
Tristan ran to the craft cupboard and got out the play dough, his and Gramma's early morning activity.
So we all played play dough.
 Farm Gramma and Grampa even made an appearance!

 Playing with play dough farm grandparents.
And of course some kisses too.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Here's to good mornings!
1. Because they get to spend them like this.
2. Because I get to spend them in bed, sleeping.
Thanks Farm Gramma.
You are never leaving... right?!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pregnancy brain...

... oh right, I'm not pregnant anymore!  Dang, I loved that excuse!
Newborn brain... can we blame it on that?

Last night, after Clayton told me it was suppose to get down to -2 that night, I ran out and picked a pail of strawberries.  This morning when I got up the ground was covered with a blanket of frost.

Yay, so glad I picked those strawberries!  I thought to myself.  Now I could still enjoy fresh, garden strawberries for a few more days!

Then I went to eat one.  As I was looking around for where I put them, I noticed the pail, still sitting out on the front deck, covered in a thin layer of frost!

Nice work, Kimberly!