Monday, October 7, 2013


Here's to good mornings!
1. Because they get to spend them like this.
2. Because I get to spend them in bed, sleeping.
Thanks Farm Gramma.
You are never leaving... right?!


Vanessa said...

Awwww! Hope adorable :) That looks like a quiet, lovely morning! It's amazing how interested in the babies Tristan is still! I thought the novelty would have worn off already... guess he's in love :)
Way to go Farm Gramma!... maybe soon to be Alberta Gramma?! haha

Anonymous said...

the great one says triston you are so adorable! keep helping mom with your precious babies!

Anonymous said...

Only got on the computer twice when I was in Bow Island... didn't know I was featured with Tristan and Jax. That was a peaceful and enjoyable morning.... as were many I had making play dough creations or snuggling with Tristan, the early bird.
We were happy to have the babies join us too and Shayla when she got up!
Fun and busy five weeks!
Part time Alberta Gramma Vanessa!
Love farm gramma :)