Friday, October 4, 2013

Pregnancy brain...

... oh right, I'm not pregnant anymore!  Dang, I loved that excuse!
Newborn brain... can we blame it on that?

Last night, after Clayton told me it was suppose to get down to -2 that night, I ran out and picked a pail of strawberries.  This morning when I got up the ground was covered with a blanket of frost.

Yay, so glad I picked those strawberries!  I thought to myself.  Now I could still enjoy fresh, garden strawberries for a few more days!

Then I went to eat one.  As I was looking around for where I put them, I noticed the pail, still sitting out on the front deck, covered in a thin layer of frost!

Nice work, Kimberly!


Grammy Anne said...

Mommy brain always work even if they are 18.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Glad it's not just me!!

Anonymous said...

I was there... at least only the top layer was frosted.. I think all our brains have those brain farts happen!
Those fresh strawberries in October were delicious.