Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It was so nice to meet you, little Mr. Alexander!
We had a nice time getting to know you a little bit and hanging out with your parents.
They are pretty nice too! :)

*Mya and Jax telling their second cousin all their baby trade secrets.
*It's decided for sure... Tristan just can't get enough of babies.
*3 Moms and 3 babies.  Can't wait until there are 4 babies.
*Aunty Dolores holding 3 babies, while their parents relax in the hot tub.
Well, Alexander arrived three and a half weeks early, but it looks like Vanessa`s baby is going to arrive in true Gooch style... fashionably late!
Come on out baby, we are so excited to meet you!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!
What a cute bunch of babies! Can't wait for the fourth sweetie to join the group.
Where will Auntie Dolores put that one? he,he
Love Mom (AKA Farm Gramma) :)

Allise said...

Yay! What awesome pictures! Tristan sure does love babies, he wouldn't take his eyes off of Alexander. he must be an awesome big brother! Please email the pics to me, we're low on picture sof the three of us :) Can't wait for that Wolfe baby to arrive! Then you can update your pictures to three moms and four babes :) XO

Vanessa said...

Great pictures! T is such a baby enthusiast, maybe he'll be a pediatrician when he grows up!
All the pictures are awesome, gotta love the one of Aunty holding three babies.... she must be in Heaven right?! need a 30 minutes later pic, after you guys had been soaking in the hot tub, leaving it all the R & D! I'm sure there was no fussing at all... oh wait, I was there... yes there was!