Friday, November 22, 2013

The Greats

Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunty Dolores
Too bad Unc and Jax couldn't stop goofing around long enough to smile for at least one picture!
I guess those twin boys just don't like to cooperate!
Thanks Aunty for coming out and helping me while Clayton was gone hunting.  And Uncle Ron for coming to pick her up so she was able to drive with me and the 4 little ones!

I was very optimistic and thought I would be able to make that lovely 9 hour (12 with kids) drive myself.  It became apparent on the drive out to my parents, with Clayton, that maybe it wouldn't be the best idea.  The drive itself wasn't even the biggest worry but the breaks when I would have my hands full with two babies and my 2 year old would be able to run wild and do thing like press the restaurants handicap button and escape into the parking lot and not listen when his Mom, holding two babies, shout at him to get back inside but be unable to do much about it!
So Aunty drove back with me, as Clayton had hitched a ride back with my brother earlier.  The drive with Aunty ended up being the best drive I ever made with the kids.  The twins didn't make a single peep except on the two stops and Shayla and Tristan were so quiet!  Which is remarkable as Tristan is just generally loud happy loud or sad loud!

So Aunty Dolores you're my new driving buddy... just so you know!

Thanks for all you help!


Allise said...

Good thing Auntie doesn't mind driving :)
I like how Jax and uncle Ron have goofy faces in your picture.... is the personality of twins hereditary as well?

Anonymous said...

Cute picture!
Too funny that the boys are looking "not exactly" photogenic.
Wonder what Mya is thinking as she stares up at her Great Uncle Ron?
Glad it was the best trip with kids ever...Auntie Dolores has a calming effect, eh!
love mom :)

Anonymous said...

OMG is that the best pic of me you could find, out of all you took ,
I think not... well maybe. Aunty says it was her pleasure.But i think the kids were just really scared.

Vanessa said...

Haha. Its a great character picture Uncle Ron! And it probably IS the best one she could find... posing beautifully for the camera is not a Gooch trait, and I missed out on it too! It sucks... not matter how hard I try to smile and look "normal" for the camera... I always have the 'Gooch' expression or eyes half shut... you know my pain! :)
Oh well... I like the picture! :)