Friday, December 6, 2013

That lady is crazy.

Well I am heading to BC again with my 4 kids!  Yikes!
It looks like its just me and my hatchlings heading out from this part of the country, so I decided to pick a nice looking day for driving and hit the pavement, even though Wolfe baby still hasn't exited the oven yet!  And I don't blame baby... it is darn cold out here!
Send happy, safe and quiet drive thoughts my way... here goes nothing!
I was going to just post a cute picture I took of the 4 of them in their toques but found I hadn't uploaded it off my camera yet and said camera is already loaded!
So here are some random pictures instead.
They make a heart... and my heart melt!

The art of holding two babies at one time.  This way you have
one hand free to do important things, such as; itching your nose.

What a sweet brother you have Shayla.
So do twins run in your family?  Says the ultrasound tech.
Yes they do.  And why do you ask... oh this is why!  ;)

Tristan was all about pushing Great Gramma Gooch.
Unfortunately he wasn't the safest driver.
Fortunately GGG is a sweetie... or just too quiet to be heard!

Just thought this was a sweet picture.

Great Gramma Pinyon... thinking of you lots lately. 
Very glad we get to see you again so soon.
I'll post again once I am back out to this place of -37 with the wind chill.  While in BC I plan to be to busy out enjoying winter, that and holding a lot of babies!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kimberly... you are crazy! I get poo-poo'd for going to the city for a day in -40. If anyone can do it - it's you!!! Safe travels!!!

Kimberly said...

Mom is taking the Greyhound and meeting me in Canmore... wow do I feel so much better now! Moms are the best!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh and I am going to Brooks today the rest of the way tomorrow... -20 is way warmer then -40 right?!!!

Allise said...

Love the photos! Lucky you having your mom meet you in Canmore! Maybe I will see you in Lillooet :)

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved to hear that your mom is meeting you in Canmore! I was telling Jared yesterday about my concerns for you. Hope you all made it there safe :)