Monday, December 2, 2013

Twin line up!

This picture was taken in the week between Mya and Jax`s 2 month immunizations and Olivia and Emily`s 4 month immunizations.
This is what they weighed:
Mya: 11lbs 5oz
Jax: 12lbs 13oz
Olivia: 11lbs 6oz
Emily: 12lbs 3oz
So one of my 2 month olds was bigger than both the 4 month olds and the other was pretty much the same size as one of the 4 month olds! 
Must be all my creamy milk, says the health nurse... so if I were a cow I guess I`d be a jersey! :)
I suppose it is an appropriate analogy as I do feel like a bit of a milk cow these days!


Vanessa said...

So you are busy making whipping cream for your lucky 'little' babies!
Nice work Jersey Mamma! :)

Allise said...

Nice! I always thought Jerseys were the prettiest cows :)

BOSSY said...

They do sell a nice udder liniment if your experiencing discomfort.

Anonymous said...

Hey there jersey girl....
Good rich milk and staying calm.
All the twins look adorable! But if Jax is the one not in pink I think he looks the littlest... must be the angle of the camera!
Mooooore later, love :)

Vanessa said...

I agree, if Jax is in white, he does look the littlest! I wasn't sure if maybe you just weren't imposing gender stereotyped colours on your children...
If he is the smallest, but the heaviest... he must be all muscle! Daddy must be proud!

Allise said...

Nice comment Bossy!
So here's an update for you: not sure how old the twins were when you had them weighed but I just had Alexander weighed yesterday (9 weeks old) and he weighs 14lbs 6oz!!! Sign me up for the Jersey barn too!

Kimberly said...

Welcome to the herd Allise! Ya Mya and Jax were about 9 weeks when weighed! Alexander beats them all!
White must be slimming! ;)

Amber said...

If you're serving cream, I don't want to know what this "cow" is passing out! Why must they grow so fast?!?