Thursday, January 9, 2014

The kind of gift you would think an Aunty without children would give!

Well at least it wasn't a recorder this time Aunty Corrine!

Thanks to that lovely fart gun that Tristan got for Christmas, things like this are heard throughout our house all day long:

Loud, long and wet sounding farts... did I mention...all day long.

A lot of Peeewwws!  Followed but uncontrollable giggling.

Mom, Mom don't look I am just hiding this fart gun behind you.  Followed by loud, long and wet sounding farts.  Followed by Peeewww Mom.  Followed by giggling.

Then there are the things that the lovely fart gun have given me the opportunity to say:

Tristan, please stop sounding that fart gun so close to Mya's head.

Shayla and Tristan please share the fart gun. 

Okay, who left the fart gun right there?

Can someone please put this fart gun away in the fart gun storage area. The garbage.

No, I don't know where there fart gun is.

Stop fighting over the fart gun.  Just give your Dad a turn, okay!


Corrine said...

LOL I knew Tristan would LOVE it! and Shayla and Clayton... the biggest kid of them all! ;)

Vanessa said...

So she's "that" kind of Aunty eh?! Well thanks for the heads up, we may need to preview Aunty's gifts and intercept the noisy ones!!
Sounds like that fart gun is getting a lot of use... a new age whoopee cushion :) I remember those being a lot of fun!

Allise said...

I can see Shayla and Tristan loving that!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I figured your ending sentence was going to be, "Hey Clayton give the kids a turn." he,he
LOL :)