Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kijiji, our new best friend

Being a sales guy, you would think Clayton would be all low ball, negotiator pro.  Not so.
At least not last night, when he found a washing machine and dryer on Kijiji for $350.

Should we buy it?

Well not for $350, we don't even need the dryer.

They usually come as a set, Kimberly.

Ya, but those old ones can break down any minute, as we well know, and we don't need the dryer, so offer $200.

I hate when people low ball me that bad. Like she's even gonna take $200.

Well it's not like you know her or ever have to talk to her again if she thinks you're a cheap ass and won't take $200. But really it's not like old washing machines are a hot commodity these days, I bet she'll take $200.

You do it then.

Aren't you just making the offer via email? I can write it if you want. Although it's pretty easy to write: will you take $200?

Then I went back to adding up my day home expenses for my tax return.

A moment later,

Looks like we bought a washer and dryer.

Yay! I told you she'd take $200!

I offered $250.


I can't believe she took that.

I can. She would have took $200.

Guess you should have made the offer then.

Guess I should have!

Well here's to hoping this one lasts at least a few years!

And yay to being able to wash clothes again, well maybe not the actual act of doing the laundry, but having clean clothes will be nice!