Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kijiji, our new best friend

Being a sales guy, you would think Clayton would be all low ball, negotiator pro.  Not so.
At least not last night, when he found a washing machine and dryer on Kijiji for $350.

Should we buy it?

Well not for $350, we don't even need the dryer.

They usually come as a set, Kimberly.

Ya, but those old ones can break down any minute, as we well know, and we don't need the dryer, so offer $200.

I hate when people low ball me that bad. Like she's even gonna take $200.

Well it's not like you know her or ever have to talk to her again if she thinks you're a cheap ass and won't take $200. But really it's not like old washing machines are a hot commodity these days, I bet she'll take $200.

You do it then.

Aren't you just making the offer via email? I can write it if you want. Although it's pretty easy to write: will you take $200?

Then I went back to adding up my day home expenses for my tax return.

A moment later,

Looks like we bought a washer and dryer.

Yay! I told you she'd take $200!

I offered $250.


I can't believe she took that.

I can. She would have took $200.

Guess you should have made the offer then.

Guess I should have!

Well here's to hoping this one lasts at least a few years!

And yay to being able to wash clothes again, well maybe not the actual act of doing the laundry, but having clean clothes will be nice!


Vanessa said...

yey! You have aquired a new washer/dryer! That's pretty exciting...I hope they last decades to come, they will be the deal of a lifetime. I can understand where Clayton is coming from... plus being a sales guy, he's always on the other end of the deal, receiving low ball offers and such... what's 50 bucks in the greater scheme of things, that must be one meal out for your family... :)
Now your fingers can heal... no more wash board!!

Anonymous said...

Man with as many kids are you have and with the mud from the spring thaw, you NEED a working washing machine!! I'm so thankful you're done with the wash board as well! Twins moms don't have time for that ;) Thanks for the chuckle, next time you'll have to just write the email! lol


Allise said...

Ok so I thought Clayton was joking when he said you were using a washboard! You crazy woman.... although I'm sure Grandma wouldn't think it was that crazy. Imagine a house of 12 kids during the time without washers and dryers! Yikes!

sadinlillooetwithnonewsfromBI said...

How's that washer/dryer working out for you? Where have you been for the last month and a half? Anything interesting been happening? Just wondering.... what, are you busy with kids and stuff that you can't find a moment to post (everyday)?? ;)