Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I know, I know...

...so sick of that Kijiji post!
Me too.  Why won't someone get their butt in gear and post something already?!
Oh right that someone is me.
But I have been out at my parents for 3 weeks and now that I am home and the weather is half decent I am too busy outside basking in the sun. 
Or being gone for 3 weeks has me doing a lot of catch up around the house. 
I had to paint and then re-paint my toenails a couple of times.
I am much too busy now that I decided to put more effort into making dinners.
I spend most of my day napping, no time to blog.
 My computer is still broken.
The dog ate my password. 
After leaving Clayton at home to complete bathroom renovations for 3 weeks, I am dedicating all my free time to giving Clayton foot massages.
I have lost all creative thought and the ability to speel simple words, hence no more blogging. 
I have decided it is time to dress the twins in clothes instead of leaving them in their sleepers all day.  Yes that's it.  Much much too busy dressing babies.

See... here's proof: