Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dinner out

Tonight we had dinner... out... at a restaurant... a sit down restaurant... with 4, not yet school aged, children!

Deep breath.

And it went so well.
Spectacular actually.

There was a group with young children at a near by table who were using our table as an example to their children of good restaurant behaviour. At one point the Dad said, 'Wow your kids are so well behaved.' And then after a second glance, 'And twin babies!'

Then when the elderly couple, who were making smiley faces at the babies the whole time, got up to leave, they stopped at our table and said, 'You have really good kids. Not just those cute babies but your older two, they sat so well. Very lovely to see.'

We said thank you and then took a few minutes to bask in the glow of the proof of our excellent parenting!

Then, when no one was looking, we high-fived for restaurants with TVs tuned to the kids channel!

Happy Birthday Clayton!

Monday, May 12, 2014

That's one smart 4 year old... others might say!

Well Mom I don't have a picture of it, but today I had the most weight yet on my bike. 4 kids, including one bike strapped to the bike trailer. I brought it all on myself, of course. And after succeeding our 10km bike ride with 2-3km on gravel I was pretty happy we accomplished it.  During the slow slug with 4 kids and a bike catching a ride under my power, through thick loose gravel, it may have been a slightly different feeling I was having!

Tristan caught a ride the whole way on a little seat that is attached to my bike right behind the handle bars. He had a grand old time.

The babies were in the bike trailer snoozing in shaded comfort.

Poor Shayla was the only one, other than this crazy old bat who actually thinks that sort of thing is fun, that had to propel herself under her own power.
As we crossed the highway and started heading out of town,
Shayla says: Mom this is not the way to the park. This is out to the country.

I say: I know honey, it's called a compromise. Mommy wanted to go for a longer bike ride and you guys wanted to go to the park. So we are biking the long way to the park.

Then we hit the gravel. About 5 pedals in,
Shayla says: Holy man I am tired. I don't think this is the way to the park. This is the way to Megan's house. 

About 1/2km into the gravel we loaded her onto my bike, by straddling the saddle bag rack over the back wheel. She is chattering away at me and for some reason I am answering her questions in a very out of breath voice.
Shayla says: This is really hardwork for you Mommy. When I am a Mom I will NEVER do this!

Hahaha Well Shayla, all parents hope that their kids will grow up smarter (or insert other appropriate words here) than themselves. Looks like you are well on your way!

Picture to follow? Depending on if someone else is ever around to take a picture of this crazy biking crew!