Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dinner out

Tonight we had dinner... out... at a restaurant... a sit down restaurant... with 4, not yet school aged, children!

Deep breath.

And it went so well.
Spectacular actually.

There was a group with young children at a near by table who were using our table as an example to their children of good restaurant behaviour. At one point the Dad said, 'Wow your kids are so well behaved.' And then after a second glance, 'And twin babies!'

Then when the elderly couple, who were making smiley faces at the babies the whole time, got up to leave, they stopped at our table and said, 'You have really good kids. Not just those cute babies but your older two, they sat so well. Very lovely to see.'

We said thank you and then took a few minutes to bask in the glow of the proof of our excellent parenting!

Then, when no one was looking, we high-fived for restaurants with TVs tuned to the kids channel!

Happy Birthday Clayton!


Allise said...

Glad to hear it went well :) What a nice birthday present for Clayton. Does this mean your computer is fixed? And we can expect more posts? ;) I don't know how you find time to have a blog but I am grateful that you do, I truly enjoy reading all of your posts and I actually get excited when the page opens and I see a new title! Woah, run on sentence! Anyways... keep writing so I can keep reading :) XO

Vanessa said...

:) Love it! I'm sure it was more than the TV's... those sweet obedient children you have... the twins aren't into TV yet anyway ;)
I agree with Allise... I'm so glad you find time to post too! I also get pretty excited to see a new title... keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I too love when there's a new title.
You guys are good parents!
but if you think the TV helped then that is because it is limited at home (good parenting also)... so it is a treat, just like the dinner out!
Lovely birthday present for you Clayton. I know.... bet Shayla and Tristan got together and said let's be really good because it is Dad's birthday! He,He
Love Farm Mom :)