Wednesday, June 25, 2014

See, Clayton, someone does look through my photo albums...

... Me!
Last night I looked through all my old photo albums. I started doing a yearly one in 2004. Before that I just had done my trip to Japan and Australia and our family cross Canada adventure, oh and college life. So, yeah, there were a lot to look through. In the yearly ones the theme started out as some random life events, camping and a whole lot of weddings. And then slowly switched to random life events, camping and a whole lot of birthdays parties! Such is life I guess!
After I closed the final page, I sat for a moment, soaking it all in.
My life.
My wonderful life.
A life full of family, friends, a wonderful husband, 4 lovely children, adventure, fun, love, laughter, learning, hard work, travel, wonder and happiness... a whole lot of happiness, well that and weddings/birthday parties, a whole lot of weddings and birthday parties!
Thanks photo albums, that's just what I needed!

And thanks also to the broken satellite. The things you can get done without the lure of TV! Yes, like spending your evening looking through old pictures!


Anne said...

I agree Kimberley,I looked through your albums the other night when watching Mia and Ajax and enjoyed going down memory lane ,I wish my photos were as well organized as yours.

Vanessa said...

I want to look thru all your photo albums! You've done good :)

Allise said...

I was just thinking about your photo albums yesterday and Clayton's thoughts on them. Alexander found my photo albums and pulled them out yesterday. He seemed to really enjoy (for a 9 month old) looking at them and even got excited (read: 9 month old = wiggling and smiling) when he noticed Ryan or I.
It made me want to call Clayton and say "see!" haha
I will do my best to bring them out to Tappen this summer for you to look at... Clayton ;)

Anonymous said...

Love you albums Kimberly.... just about as much as your blogs! XO XO Mom :)