Friday, July 4, 2014

A little behind

I wanted to do a quick picture post.
So here are a few of the most current ones I have uploaded to the computer.
Mostly from our Tappen trip in April but a few cuties from May as well.
Two months behind... I guess that's not terrible!
20 pictures:
*Twins with twins... 4 times the fun
*4 cute baby cousins
*The art of holding 3 babies
*Multiple uses for 1 wheelbarrow
*Riding 1 horse
*Riding 1 bike
*3 is not a crowd when you're this cute
*Hike up Bastion mountain with 2 adults, 2 kids and 3 babies
*1 of the many beautiful views of Shuswap lake
*Kisses from the best 2 year old brother a girl could have
*The art of hiking with 4 kids 4 years old and under
*2 babies, 1 swing
*1 calf wondering what in the hell is going on
*Hillbilly motorhome: 13 people on 1 couch upon 1 trailer being pulled by 1 tractor
*3 cute boys in pajamas
*1 tired Gramma from 3 weeks of non-stop fun 
*What a grandkid picture looks like with 8 grandkids 6 and under
*2 best buds... future class clowns?!
*1 Dad with 2 sweeties at a branding
*Our 1st born turns 5 years old!


Vanessa said...

Great pictures! So glad you posted all of them... judging by the winter clothes, it does look like you are a little behind! hehe, so glad you have a computer that uploads pictures again!
I love so many of them, but my favourite is the clayton and kids at the branding... beautiful picture!

Amber said...

I was waiting for some sort of numbers correlation after all that! You've certainly been busy and having a lot of fun :)

I am beyond impressed by the hiking... you and Vanessa are troopers!

The photo of Clayton with your big kids is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures... I have to make it 3 for best one with Clayton,Shayla and Tristan!
That one with me with babies is revealing that I was sleeping on the job.
The one with 8 grandkids with us.... I thought there's only 7... then I found Grayson hidden under my arm. Too funny... as you say what can be expected with 8 grandkids all under 6. Love Mom & Farm Gramma :)

Anonymous said...

I must add... sorry I missed being there for Shayla's #5 birthday. The rainbow cake looks yummy! :)