Thursday, July 10, 2014

More pictures

Here are some pictures from June.
We are headed to BC tomorrow so I wanted to clear up some space on my camera.
And while I was at it, put up one more picture post before I go.
Who knows how long it'll be before I get back on here.

Here are some fun things we did in June:
Had a great time camping, hiking and swimming at Writing on Stone

Jax got his first tooth. (Now he has 3!)

Mya did too. 
Same one as Jax, just can't see it what with her tongue always sticking out.

Had lots of fun at the Children's Festival, Shayla was up on stage again!

Tristan too. He got juggled by this guy! 
I missed it. :( But heard Tristan was quite the character.

Furball had kittens... 6 little cuties will be looking for a home in about 6 weeks.
We went to Sask. and had a fun weekend with Clayton's family...
remembered everything except my camera.

Hung out in the yard a lot.
Driving cars: tons of fun!


2 sets of twins... almost a year and 10 months!

Jax loves to eat.
Mya finds it here nor there.

Hanging out in swings from Aunty Joyce.

While Mom weeds the garden.

Went to the pool with this crew.

Cool dudes!

The Hodgson cousins

Our darling boys.

Our sweet girls.

The twins help themselves to some chips.
Have a fun filled July!


Allise said...

Such sweeties! Looking forward to seeing you all in a week or so!

Vanessa said...

Hey, love the pictures. What cuties... and what an awesome garden... it probably misses you! haha
Lucky I get to see you when you are out in BC, but really, you should still post... you should have MORE time to yourself out here!! But right... you are too busy riding horses and throwing bales in your free time!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful "memory" shots! They are so dang cute. You get some really awesome pictures Kimberly. God that garden looks wonderful for having 4 wee ones under 5 and twins to boot! You put me to shame. Love mom :)

Vanessa said...

Just wanted to post again... That picture of Tristan and the performer is awesome!! It looks like they have been performing together for years... too bad you missed to show, I would have loved to hear your recount of it!