Saturday, September 27, 2014

Summer holiday

The temperatures have been in the high 20s here.  So why not keep posting about summer!
Here are some pictures of the holiday within our holiday.
With 8 children all 6 years old and under, it was one of those holidays.
You know, the kind where you need a holiday from your holiday!
We spent 3 nights at a boat in only, one bedroom cabin on Seaton lake.
The temperature reached 40. The cabin had one bedroom. It was a tight space and hot.
And a different holiday for our crew, a beachy holiday, with boating and swimming.
Looking at these pictures now... I remember it as a super fun time.  Looks relaxing even.
(Although, even as time passes, I do remember, relaxing it was not!)
Hiked to this awesome rope swing, that even Shayla, Megan and Farm Gramma went off of!
Spent lots of time at and in the water;
swimming, tubing, splashing, kayaking, chewing on rocks and napping!
Lots and lots of playing.
Some whining and fighting.
A lot of sweating.
A very untypical Gooch holiday.
We will have to go back one day, when the kids are older, and the adults can actually just sit around and relax! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The birthday that never ends... goes on and on my friends!
This was Tristan's celebration for turning 3 years old.
Not extremely large but extremely long.
Near the end he was like, really another cake?
Then when it finally did end, the next day he was all, hello people, I'm sitting at the table, where's my cake already!
 Cake with the Gooches before Farm Gramma and Grampa left for their Northern Adventure.
 Cake with Great Gramma Gooch, the day before their birthdays. They were both born on August 13, just 80 years apart!
 Cake (or possibly ice cream) on his actual birthday in Golden, at the highest restaurant in Canada.
 Cake at Riley and Zoe's during a rest break there on our drive back home.
(See Tristan's expression... it's all, Seriously, another cake people!)
Cake with the Balaski family once we were back home.
See, he's a candle blowing pro!
My sweet little Tristan. Growing up so fast.
And he's starting to really use his manners.
Like the other day when I wiped his sticky fingers and I made sure to get in between each one.
He said, Thanks Mom for doing this... And then demonstrated me wiping between his fingers.
Good positive reinforcement Tristan, maybe your Mom will start wiping your hands more diligently!
Then later when I kissed him, he said, Thanks for kissing me, Mommy.
You're Welcome!
And after that he tooted.
Then he said, I tooted. And fell to the floor laughing uncontrollably.
Oops, maybe not the best manners... but appropriate.
He is a boy, after all!

The Greats

Those Great Grandmas are great!
 Great Grandma Hodgson

 Great Grandma Pinyon
Great Grandma Gooch

Friday, September 12, 2014

We did it!

This family made it through the first year of twinhood!!!
Happy Birthday to our sweet little babies!

Happy 1st Birthday Jax!

Happy 1st Birthday Mya!
Love you two so much!
Maybe I'll do the more detailed post later...
 At this moment everyone else is in the vehicle waiting for me, because....
We are going camping!
Yes, that is what people with 4 young children, two being 1 year old twins, do when it snows and is promising lows of -3!
Again Happy Birthday babies... 1 year old members of this crazy clan!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1st day of school

Shayla's first day of kindergarten!

She was so excited. 
When I said I would meet her at the school and walk her to her class, she said, Mom I can just follow the other kids, you know.
What?! OK, I guess Mommy coming to the school is to help Mommy make it through the day, not Shayla! 
And wow, that was a bit longer of a break from blogging then I had intended. 
Hopefully I will get some summer pictures up here soon.