Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1st day of school

Shayla's first day of kindergarten!

She was so excited. 
When I said I would meet her at the school and walk her to her class, she said, Mom I can just follow the other kids, you know.
What?! OK, I guess Mommy coming to the school is to help Mommy make it through the day, not Shayla! 
And wow, that was a bit longer of a break from blogging then I had intended. 
Hopefully I will get some summer pictures up here soon.


Vanessa said...

She looks so grown up!!! And totally excited! :) So did you cry your eyes out and embarass her at school???!!! This must be a hard day! 5 still seems so young. Way to go shayla.... and way to go mommy!

It was a long break....... too long!

Allise said...

Yay a new post! :) What an independent little/big girl you have :)

Anonymous said...

Shayla is growing up! Boo hoo... know how you feel! "Give them roots; and give them wings!" is tough sometimes...
Shayla looks so "big girl" ready for school. Love her independence. Also that's a cute sweater.
Love farm gramma :)

Corrine said...

So grown up!!! Glad she had a great first day!