Sunday, September 21, 2014

The birthday that never ends... goes on and on my friends!
This was Tristan's celebration for turning 3 years old.
Not extremely large but extremely long.
Near the end he was like, really another cake?
Then when it finally did end, the next day he was all, hello people, I'm sitting at the table, where's my cake already!
 Cake with the Gooches before Farm Gramma and Grampa left for their Northern Adventure.
 Cake with Great Gramma Gooch, the day before their birthdays. They were both born on August 13, just 80 years apart!
 Cake (or possibly ice cream) on his actual birthday in Golden, at the highest restaurant in Canada.
 Cake at Riley and Zoe's during a rest break there on our drive back home.
(See Tristan's expression... it's all, Seriously, another cake people!)
Cake with the Balaski family once we were back home.
See, he's a candle blowing pro!
My sweet little Tristan. Growing up so fast.
And he's starting to really use his manners.
Like the other day when I wiped his sticky fingers and I made sure to get in between each one.
He said, Thanks Mom for doing this... And then demonstrated me wiping between his fingers.
Good positive reinforcement Tristan, maybe your Mom will start wiping your hands more diligently!
Then later when I kissed him, he said, Thanks for kissing me, Mommy.
You're Welcome!
And after that he tooted.
Then he said, I tooted. And fell to the floor laughing uncontrollably.
Oops, maybe not the best manners... but appropriate.
He is a boy, after all!


Vanessa said...

He is such a boy! a sweet little boy!! Who just keeps growing up so fast...
Great cake pictures :) lucky boy. Love the look on his face in all of them.
Yeay, for posting a summer story! keep'em coming! ;) no pressure! :)

Allise said...

Wow, I want a cake marathon for my birthday too! I can't believe how time flies. Happy belated birthday Tristan!

Corrine said...

Love his facial expressions too! What a cutie 3 year old!!!! Glad we could be there for one of your birthday cakes, Tristan!!!

Anonymous said...

Such cute expressions Tristan!
Love and look forward to your posts Kimberly. Hey, you posted on Alexander's b-day... We now have lots of fall birthdays in the family with a jump of 4 all last year. I guess Amelia is actually winter joining Megan.
Love Farm gramma :)