Friday, September 12, 2014

We did it!

This family made it through the first year of twinhood!!!
Happy Birthday to our sweet little babies!

Happy 1st Birthday Jax!

Happy 1st Birthday Mya!
Love you two so much!
Maybe I'll do the more detailed post later...
 At this moment everyone else is in the vehicle waiting for me, because....
We are going camping!
Yes, that is what people with 4 young children, two being 1 year old twins, do when it snows and is promising lows of -3!
Again Happy Birthday babies... 1 year old members of this crazy clan!


Allise said...

Love it! My how time flies!
Hopefully being in a trailer will keep you warm :) tenting would be crazy ;)

Anonymous said...

Dido on the tenting... thank goodness you had the trailer!
Time does fly by.. year old twins.
Happy Birthday Mya!
Happy Birthday Jax!
Love from Farm Gramma and Farm Grampa :) :)

Anonymous said...

A relook at the post...I think I can see Mya's teeth at last!
She's chewing something so couldn't stick her tongue out and hide her teeth. he,he

The Balaskis said...

Happy First Birthday Mya and Jax! Can't wait to celebrate with you soon! So big, now start walking so you can really get into everything!!! lol

Vanessa said...

Of course you made the year!! You are survivors! :) And the twins have been sweet little angels the whole time right?! Look at those innocents happy smiles! :)
Miss you guys, wish I was coming out for the birthday... :( Oh well, maybe next year.

BTW... MORE POSTS!! Summer vacation is over, lets get some pictures up and some stories told!!! (when you have time to, of course)