Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1st steps!

Mya took her first steps a week ago.
And now she is ready to run a marathon!
Ok, not quite. But, wow, is that girl dedicated to learning a new task!
If it continues the way she is going, she'll be done with that crawling thing in the next day or so and just be a full on walker!
Jax, on the other hand, is more into vertical movement.
As in climbing anything that he possibly can!
Sorry, no pictures.  I wish I could catch a few of his death defying moments on camera but I am just too busy catching Jax!
Like the other day, when I was making lunch and I hear him whining.  I look up and there he is dangling from the bookshelf! He had climbed up onto the kiddy table using the kiddy chair and was then apparently trying to scale the bookshelf, when he slipped. Thankfully, from all the climbing, that 13 month old has some upper body strength and was hanging on for dear life.
That's from my point of view.
To him, I am sure he was hanging on for the ride of his life.
As, when I set him back on the floor, he darted right back over to try again.
Needless to say the little chairs have been put away.
If it continues like this, we'll soon be furniture-less!
High-five crazy, quick learning, dare devil babies!

1st day of Playschool

Here is Tristan on his first day of playschool. 
This was almost a month ago... but better late than never, right!
He is really enjoying playschool.
He told me he likes the play dough, making puzzles and the playground!
What's not to like about that.

And his good buddy, Sam, goes too!
Even better!

Monday, October 6, 2014

'I don't know who signed me up for this anyhow'

The speaker of the above comment was Shayla.
And the this being school.

I hear ya girl.
I would have rather been out digging up a pasture, over run by burdock or shovelling chicken crap out through the beehive infested poop removal opening in the chicken coup or hand milking a young cow trying to establish a nasty kicking habit. Well, the third example I'd probably rather be doing over a long list of other things... cause I'm weird like that.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round and being of the outdoor, introvert, manual labour variety, school was not one of my favourite things. To say the least!

I suppose someone should tell her that she better settle into this, as she's got approximately 2875 days to go.

And I want to know too... who signed us up for this?!
Oh right, I did.

Homeschooling.... here we come??? ;)