Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1st day of Playschool

Here is Tristan on his first day of playschool. 
This was almost a month ago... but better late than never, right!
He is really enjoying playschool.
He told me he likes the play dough, making puzzles and the playground!
What's not to like about that.

And his good buddy, Sam, goes too!
Even better!


Vanessa said...

Great pictures!! Preschool sounds fun! What's not to like, play dough ... Play ground... Play time! Maybe somewhat false advertising for the rest of school, as Shay Rae has found out... But great to have a good friend in the same class.

Allise said...

So he's happy you signed him up for it? 😉

Anonymous said...

one happy with school! ... so far... so good ... he,he

Have a great next 13 years Tristan!

Nice pictures. What a smile in that first one...showing his lovely pearly whites!

His pack looks smaller than Shayla's. Thank goodness or he might have been pulled over backwards ... like in the advertisement on TV.

Love farm gramma :)

Corrine said...

What a handsome, excited little guy! Glad he's having a blast at school! Now for Shayla, if you move to Brooks we have some pretty amazing teachers here at Uplands!!! :)