Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh Santa

This conversation happened while we were driving the other day:

Tristan: Why are you stopping, Mom?

Shayla: Because that big, red sign means you have to stop!

Tristan: Oooooh yes.

Me: The stop sign is there because we are coming up to another road and it keeps us safe, so we don't hit into another car, right?

Shayla: Ya, it's the rule and if you don't follow the rule Santa won't bring you any gifts, Tristan.

Tristan: Ooooooh yes!

Me: Uh huh. But more importantly, you stop so that you can look both ways and make sure no cars are coming and it is safe for you to go.

Shayla: And you really want Santa to bring you presents, right Tristan?

Me: I'm really NOT sure what SANTA has to do with this? You STOP so that you don't CRASH into another car and DIE!

Ok ok... I might have added the last two lines for effect, but wow am I ready for the crazy Santa scare tactics of the Christmas season to be over! Is it just me... shouldn't kids be 'good' and kind and generous and listen to their elders, etc... just because... I tell them to! Hahaha!
I mean... just because it is the good and kind and right thing to do!
Believe me, I'm not exactly sure how to get them to this point of self want to do good but I am sure of what's not gonna get them there... empty Santa threats!

And don't even get me started on that damn Elf on a Shelf!
Oh ya... Merry Christmas!
I really do love the Christmas season... Really I do!


Allise said...

It might not be the 'true' reason to stop at the STOP sign but if thinking you should because Santa won't bring you presents gets them to stop then I guess that's a good thing? I too love the holiday season but find it difficult to navigate all the 'magic' and non-magic that comes with it ☺️

Kimberly said...

I suppose... But then what's their reason to stop after Christmas is over, Cupid won't bring them valentine treats and after that the Easter bunny won't bring them chocolate eggs and after they stop believing? And I know, at our house anyhow, Santa will always have a gift for them under the tree on Christmas morning regardless whether they were 'good or bad'. (Not that empty threats don't come out of my mouth, they definitely do... I just try to limit them as much as I can.) Wow, can't even believe I am having an on line debate! Haha Clayton would like this kind of thing... debating. Usually I just feel uncomfortable with such things... I want everyone to be peaceful and agreeable! Maybe it's because it's with you, Allise! Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone and letting me practice sticking to my own opinion! Something I seem to have trouble with! Merry Christmas!

Allise said...

Very nice! I'm not sure that my comment represents my actual opinion and I guess I was also thinking of the "naughty list threat" as a year long thing 😀 Regardless I'm happy to share parenting experiences with someone as thoughtful and self-reflective as you. Sorry Clayton.... not much of a debate here 😉

Kimberly said...

Phew! After I hit publish I felt uncomfortable about 'debating'! Can't wait to see you all!

Amber said...

1- I guess we won't offer you the "extra" Elf we ended up with last year (long story involving an elf forgotten at home when we left for grandma's and secretly replaced) ;) (PS- Ours is just for fun... no threats or shenanigans!)

2- I want to know what Shayla's logic is for stopping at a stop sign in January or February- I'd bet that smarty has it all figured out! You've taught her well!

Anonymous said...

That Shayla... too cute ... and persistant! She really wants to help you out Kimberly! he,he :)