Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A quiet morning

My sweet, no longer, babies and I had a rare, quiet, morning together. We filled it with trying on various footwear, or should I say Mya tried on various footwear, while Jax fell off things, ate a lot of food and laughed at pretty much everything. Life is funny. Then he tried on shoes too. Because Mya insisted he join in on the fun and wear shoes too (women know what is best for their men) and he is good at obliging her (men know it's best just to do what their women want)!

It is funny how they interact with each other already. Mya is the boss, or at least just bossy, and Jax is happy to humour her, briefly, but then continues doing what he wants.
Like... he put his shoes on and then went back to dragging the box, that Tristan was pushing him around in earlier, over to me. He climbed in and looked up at me with those baby blue eyes and smiled that infectious smile. And even though my back has been bugging me the last few days, I just couldn't say no to that face! So I found a rope and tied it to the front and away we went. Jax laughing uncontrollably. It only took Mya a moment to realize she was missing out on something even more fun then shoe wearing. So we stopped to let her climb in too. And Jax moved over to make room for her and her boots! He wasn't concerned about what she was doing while he was having his fun riding in the box but when she wanted to join in, he welcomed her with open arms. What a guy!

I took a video of the fun with a box and I wish I could upload it... Apparently we are having computer buying indecisiveness... But one day soon I will be able to upload pictures and videos again and then watch out blog!


Anonymous said...

Such precious moments! Sounds wonderful and cute dynamics with twins. That's neat how they interact and look out for one another! Probably always will....
Nice to have a quiet time I bet Kimberly!
Love mom and gramma :)

Anonymous said...

Oh... can't wait for those pictures and videos again!

Allise said...

Cute! We recently had a very similar experience while in Grenada. Jordyn loved to boss Alexander around and he was happy to oblige... and then move on to something else shortly after :)
Kids are so entertaining!

Vanessa said...

Jax! What a sweety... and yah Mya, for joining in on the fun, boots and all! :)
Can't wait to see the video... just buy another computer already!! We (your blog fans) want pictures and videos!!... especially now that you don't have time to write 1000 word posts....
I'm excited to come out and see how Amelia fits into the mix of toddler interactions! :)

Kimberly said...

We bought a computer! Will have it home in the next couple of days! Yay! Now I had better beable to figure out a MacBook like Clayton says!
So cute, Alex doing the same, must be more of a guy thing! Want to hear about your trip.
Can't wait to see Amelia walking lots! It will be cute to see if she's got the mothering thing like Mya or if that's Mya just looking out for her twin brother! Didn't mention this less bossy more sweet trait... Like if Mya gets her sippy cup then she also gets Jax' his or if she want up in the high chair once up, she points for Jax to come up too or at bed time she'll make sure they both have their blankets! So sweet.

Vanessa said...

That's so sweet, what a little mother!! You did forget to mention that really sweet trait of Mya's... next post I guess.
Wat to go finally deciding on a computer! I'm sure the Mac will be just fine, people love them! Anyway, it's good to keep learning new challenging things as we get older... it keeps our brains healthy! So embrace it! :) haha (easier said then done... I know!)

Corrine said...

Awe such cute twins! And yay for finally getting a computer! Can't wait for some video :)