Thursday, January 29, 2015

As magnificent as a buffalo!

The other morning when I stopped to grab the mail, I told the kids to wait in the car, because I had to make it a super quick stop.

Upon my return, Shayla says, wow that was really fast, you're faster than a big buffalo!

Laughing, I respond, what did you say?

I said, then she pauses, obviously thinking hard, Not bad, for a big buffalo!

WHAT?! That IS not what I heard the first time! I liked the first thing you said better, actually!

And by this point we are both laughing so hard she has trouble getting her words out.
Well... that's what... the... Ninja Turtles... say.
Followed by more uncontrollable laughing.

Oh jeez, I say, I don't know about those Ninja Turtles these days, back in my day they were sweet and innocent and taught things like good manners.... right???? hahaha
Followed by more laughing.

I like when I make you laugh, Mom.

Me too, Shayla, me too.

Anyhow, Not bad, for a big buffalo, is now the catch phrase at our house.

Like last night we had our first utensil night... which is where everyone gets something from the serving utensil cupboard to eat with, instead of cutlery... and it was absolutely awesome, fun, the best time had around the dinner table in a long time!
But back to the point... Clayton is jabbing his fish sticks with the prongs of the spaghetti serving spoon and mashing the whole thing into his mouth... the kids are loving it, thinking this is the best meal time ever and then Shayla pipes up...
Not bad, for a big buffalo, Dad!

What did you say?! Clayton gasps, bits of fish spraying from his mouth.

Awesome! So glad I decided to hold off telling him my speedy postoffice story... the look on his face was well worth it!

So watch out if you come to our house... before you leave someone will have referred to you as a big buffalo and then laughed their little butts off!

Sorry about this lack of respect for their elders.

All I can say is... we are trying our best.

Not bad, for two big buffalos... right?! ;)


Vanessa said...


Vanessa said...

Sorry! I guess I should expand ") Love the story!! :) I bet it is such a fantastic thing to have such a great laugh with your daughter... then get the whole family laughing!! Utensil night, what a wonderful thing... I remember those :) I'm going to have to invest in a spaghetti serving spoon to prepare for the future ;)

Allise said...

Funny! Shayla: you had me laughing out loud!

Anonymous said...

LOL :)
Could mean -- "Laugh out loud" (the newer text meaning) OR "Lots of love" (the old lady of 30 years ago era)!!
Either way it works. A family laughing and teasing and having fun. Love and fun of taking time to have fun "meal times" in the old buffalo herd! He.He.
Shayla, you are too goofy!
:) farm mom and farm gramma :)