Sunday, February 22, 2015

The 4 babies... or should I say... toddler update!

December 2014
Mya, Jax, Alexander and Amelia

And this one... because it's so sweet.

And maybe one more... just too cute not to!

Oh and fun with a box full of twins... sorry just the still picture!

Yup, that's all.

Computer = pictures = easy blog posts for me!


Kimberly said...

And there was still an almost 2 week lapse in-between posts! I guess 'easy posts' still are not helping the frequency! :)

Allise said...

Wow! Four toddlers all with their eyes open and not crying! It was great to catch up with you all over the holidays. That photo of Amelia and Shayla riding is too sweet!

Vanessa said...

It was such a nice visit at Christmas, hope we get one again in the spring... maybe even a little more time!
I really like how often we are able to get all four in a Picture! It'll be so neat to watch a montage (sp) of all the pics when they are all grown up!
Glad you added a few other cutie pics in there.... if you are going to have 2 weeks btwn posts... please have more then one pic!

Anonymous said...

Is she a demanding sister or what! he,he
They really aren't babies anymore! So true... and it is awesome that you gals make the effort to get the four cousins together so often. I look forward to that montage in 20 years ... Vanessa....are you going to take charge of that?
Love the pictures Kimberly. Love mom :)