Tuesday, March 3, 2015


'Mom, wanna play baby?'
'I suppose... I could... for 5 minutes... maybe.'
No, not now, probably not later, maybe even never! Because playing baby consists of a few baby related things, such as; changing pretend diapers and tucking babies into pretend cribs. But mainly playing baby consists of crying... pretend babies laying on the floor and crying. And for some unknown reason that is just not my idea of a good time! ;) But at the moment playing baby is where it's at!
So tonight when they asked to wear our shirts... Clayton commented that they had me wrapped around their little fingers, but... it really was a welcomed change up.

 Tristan comes clomping around the corner in a dress length t-shirt of Clayton's and his dress shoes.
'I am the Dad, OK kid?!'

And Shayla is wearing my one sparkly shirt with an ample looking bosom, as she has on that one bra I bought when I was pregnant with Shayla that I will never ever fill out again and my tall boots, that on her reach up to the middle of her thigh.
'Sweetie, Mom has to go out to a meeting, so the babysitter is gonna come and sit you. Good night honey.'

Yes, the game will surely loose it's appeal for me, long before it does for them but for the moment a game with no pretend crying is absolute bliss!

Plus it was really funny when Mom, aka Shayla tried to get the kid, aka Clayton to clean up his room, 'as it was a total mess.' Nice try Shayla, I like how your brain works... playing a fun game and having Dad clean you room, which of course was a total mess, would have been a great score!

Too bad for... kids these days... it's like you're talking to a wall, hey Shayla!

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Vanessa said...

Haha! I hope you have a picture of those two dressed up... if you don't, please get one next time you are playing BABIES :)

I don't know why you wouldn't want to play babies ALL the time... you must be really good at it :)