Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Work hard and then play hard!

I feel this was the motto my parents raised us with! Or one of their mottos at least!
Case in point; one morning at the farm, Grampa and Tristan came in from feeding cows and Grampa says, Well what are you guys up to today... helping me fix some fence? 
Really? You want our, so called, help.  Sure! We would love to!

So here we are; fencing crew = many hands make light work... or was that, much work!
But really, look at that beauty we are surrounded with, doesn't look much like work to me!

Work hard: Fencing with 5 kids

Take a short nap: Need to re-energize

Play hard: Canoeing and biking with 8 kids


Anonymous said...

Awwwww.... Look what fun (I mean-- work) I missed when I had to go to my "job" work... Darn, looked like an awesome fun and beautiful work bee!
The canoeing/biking was a fun adventure, glad I didn't miss that.
Thank you to you kids for always wanting to come "home" as we sure love seeing you and your sweet kids, our grand kids-- each different and adorable just as their parents were! Love farm gramma (& farm grampa too!)

Allise said...

Cute! I remember 'work' being fun at your parents house... so maybe many hands makes just not light but also fun work? Love the twins napping in the truck! So cute!

Kimberly said...

I love that you said that Allise... I always wonder if I was just a weird kid/teenager because I loved to get outside and work hard. I found it fun and satisfying.
So either my parents got the work ethic engraved into us young by involving us and letting us do things ourselves, when were little and really wanted too... Or you are weird just like me!
(I polled my sisters and V was on board with the fun work, C was more hesitant to go as far as calling it fun!)

Anonymous said...

Polling stats... let's see...75% of females think work is fun! Heh... true, that's 3 out of 4. Now check with the brothers and get the male stat. he,he
farm mom :)

Vanessa said...

I think we were brainwashed to some extent... Or just celebrated and cheered on for any work we did!
Someone said to me the other day "I like work, as long as I'm watching someone else do it." And I thought to myself, no, I would feel like getting in there and helping if I was sitting around and someone else was working away.
So yes, I'm on the same page as you two, work can be fun with the right people and right jobs... but even if its not fun, it is often gratifying to get it done... that's why; any job WORTH doing, is worth doing WELL :)