Monday, May 18, 2015

Boo ya!

Wow! What a productive long weekend that was!

Starting Thursday and Friday evening, Clayton dug a trench for his waterline. And proceeded to work on waterline tasks; connecting pipe, building turnouts, burying pipe, etc through out the weekend. 

On Friday myself and the kids finished planting our flower pots.
(Mya and Jax, helped un-plant one large pot and load the flowers into their wagon while I had slipped away to get a watering can. Shayla and I re-planted the pot while Jax cried and Mya sat in the wagon with a scowl on her face, as if to say: you wanna try getting me in trouble again lady. I'll take ya!)

On Saturday, got the corner posts, for the eventual horse pasture, almost finished.

After 3 failed attempts at acquiring a working chainsaw, we ended up cutting the notches by hand. That was fun. Who needs a gym membership, right!

On Sunday, Clayton rototilled the berry patch and garden spot.

Then I planted the rest of the garden.

Shayla and Tristan planted their gardens.

On Monday, Clayton mowed and mowed and mowed.

I actually got around to 'hardening off' (definition: getting your plants used to the hardcore weather out here, instead of just planting them outside and watching them almost die of shock) my veggie plants this year. Hopefully it will warm up and I will be able to transplant them later this week.

 Clayton, Tristan and I then removed some fence posts and filled the holes.

And we did this all with our 6 kids...
Wait, don't we only have 4 kids?!
Can you spot the imposters?! ;)

Kids and I made two cute scarecrows for the strawberry patch.

Which are apparently too cute and going to be Shayla and Tristan's dolls instead... maybe.

Clayton and Shayla de-winterized our trailer for our well deserved camping weekend... next weekend! Yippee!

Sat out on our deck and enjoyed the yard!

And even put up this blog post!
Boo ya for a weekend well done!!!


Anonymous said...

Those scarecrows are too nice to put outside,good work Shayla Tristan Mya and Jax..

Allise said...

Wow! You were some busy bees!!! The yard looks great! We are itching to go camping too! Once I'm on mat leave we can go, yay!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You guys were busy... Those are awfully cute X-scarecrows. he,he Kimberly, you just create too good.
Fence looks good... Man, no power saw,,, nice job.
Mya and Jax were unplanting cause they didn't get a row in the garden... I bet! he, he
Love farm mom :)

Anonymous said...

PS: I love Tristan and Shaylas' garden rows and signs!

Amber said...

Please tell me your secrets! Our yard is only a fraction the size of yours and we cannot seem to accomplish what we need to in a month, let alone a weekend!

Also, I forgot the hardening off step... oops!

Vanessa said...

Your place looks great. You guys really do have a piece of paradise... a horse or two can only add to that right!? Yes! I think Tex will look beautiful in that horse pen. He was lovely to ride yesterday... although my back is sore today... must need to get in better shape :)
And those two kids are cute, but they should really get to WORK out in the strawberry field! Strawberries are pretty important! Although your cats do a pretty good job chasing birds :)