Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gardening 2015 style...

Well, I did my first weed of the strawberry patch for this year's gardening season. And I truly enjoyed it. Of course, that is always how it goes:
Gardening in May is great fun. Gardening in August is not.

This year it was even more fun because Shayla and Tristan were helping me. Tristan worked so hard and on his own accord. He went and got the wheel barrow... declined all help... pushed and pulled that thing painfully slow to his destination. Then proceeded to fill it with all the dandelions I had pulled.

Where are we going to plant these, Mom? 

Oh right, the last thing we did was transplant strawberry runners... Haha! I wonder what Clayton will say when he see's Tristan's dandelion flower bed?! Lol

Shayla was a great help motivating me to take breaks... thus making the whole experience more enjoyable... to make dandelion crowns and dance to our rocking tunes!

Then I was able to finish weeding while Clayton put all the kids to bed.  Walking into the house and having all the kids in bed is just one of life's little joys!

Here's to rockin' the 2015 gardening season... all the way to August and beyond! ;)


Allise said...

It always inspires me how tenacious kids can be when they set their mind to something. Alexander helps me in the garden all the time and he always insists on doing, what I think would be, the hardest jobs - carrying full buckets or water cans, dragging hoses. It's so neat to watch him work through it.

Anonymous said...

Life's little joys are all around us! Glad you gals do slow down and enjoy them!
Love mom :)

Anonymous said...

Figured it out,thanks..Anne.

Vanessa said...

What, I haven't commented on your last 3 posts!! What a terrible blog stalker... oops... follower I mean ;) Only the strongest plants will survive around your house right! What good kids helping out or 'helping' out!! :)
Love you guys!