Thursday, June 4, 2015

Keep your eye on the ball!

A couple a weeks ago I had a baseball revelation... keep your eye on the ball actually means keep your eye on the ball!

Duh! Right?!

Clayton was pitching me some balls and as per usual I was missing the majority of them. He had been giving me some tips on stance and swing and then of course the one liner everyone always says... And keep your eye on the ball!
Duh Clayton! I have been told that ever since someone threw me that first pitch and probably every time since. I know, keep my eye on the ball! And because I was getting annoyed... and generally the husband/wife combo when trying to improve or learn a new skill is just not the best combo to have (did I ever write on here about the time Clayton tried teaching me how to drive a tandem?!)... I may have got a little snarky and was all 'like this,' while bugging out my eyes and looking intently at that stupid ball until it smashed into my bat and went flying into the field.

Ya like that, he says.

Oh, like that. Like, look at the ball, all the way until it actually connects with your bat?
Have a really never done that before?

Apparently not.
Out of the next 12 pitches I hit 10.
Unheard of for me.

I had been worried that maybe it was just some sort of fluke... but we went out again last night and I hit about 90% of the pitches!

Now I am kind of excited about the upcoming ball tournament I am playing in... because let's face it people, no matter who you are, or how much you JUST play for fun... things ARE just more fun if you don't suck at them!!!

Keep your eye on the ball people!


Vanessa said...

Hahaha :) I wonder if I actually 'keep my eye on the ball' or if close them before the contact?? Have so much fun kicking but at the ball tourney next weekend. I agree, 'for fun' is still more fun when you can contribute!! :)
So great to see you guys last week, we'll have to do something like that every year.

Anonymous said...

Cute how those old sayings actually mean something and got their beginning from real experiences! he,he
Know what you mean on the husband/wife teaching/learning combo!
Have fun and a home-run (or two) at the tournament!!!
Love mom :)