Thursday, July 9, 2015

Picture post

As requested!

Camping at Writing on Stone: 3 sisters, 2 hubbys and 8 kiddos

Fun with Amelia and Aunty at our house 

Jax's love of stacking things

Daddy's girl!

Shayla's play performance 

Shayla turns 6!

A wagon for our garden tractor

Tristan's sewing creation: A blue bull with horns named Luke

Shayla's kindergarten grad 
I forgot to get a picture with Shayla and her teacher :( 

The Children's Festival

So there ya go... a selection of pictures that were already uploaded to my computer. 
More summer ones to come later! 
(Probably in the fall if we continue with the current trend!)
Blog post done. Check.


Allise said...

Great photos! Love the future farmer shirts! Hopefully I will pop this kid out soon and then we can all have some summer fun in Tappen!

Kimberly said...

Yes Allise, I hope we get to hang out some this summer and meet the wee one!

Hello Vanessa... where is your comment on this post you strongly encouraged me to put up????!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures....Can't believe everyone has been gone for 2 weeks and I am just now checking out your blog Kimberly! So many cute pictures... farm shirts, grad, Jax's stacks, 8 grandkids on the rocks, cool face painting,T and his blue bull Luke... so cute. Tristan goes from short hair to longer....
Love you all. It was such a fun (hectic and crazy at times) summer!
Farm gramma :) farm grampa too!

Vanessa said...

Geeze Mom, August 27th! And you were heckling me about not commenting! Looks like you are going to have to start pulling your socks up yourself!

BTW Kimberbucket... I was on a comment strike due to lack of posting... however in the last week you have really turned things around, so I will be back to commenting on your posts regularly. You really can't take a blog fan for granted. That being said, thank you for blogging upon my request! much appreciated!! Amelia and I even made an appearance on the photos chosen! Thanks for a wonderful display of photos... keep em coming... along with a hilarious story or two now and again ;) !! Love yah!