Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summertime Fun!

*Hanging out with a lot of cousins, horseback riding and at the beach
*Trip to Lillooet to visit Vanessa and Amelia, rope swing, train ride and mountain drive
*Trying to capture a grandkid/grandparent picture
*Camping at Adams Lake, hanging out in the heat, fishing and swimming with mer-people
*Jax's first haircut, goodbye curls, sniff sniff
*Quick trip to meet little Rhys and ride the skytrain for S and T to see ocean and the big city
*Great Gramma Gooch
*Bring chicks to farm
*Hike up Bastion mountain and checking out mine on Mt. Ida
*Early birthday celebrations for Tristan
*Great Gramma Pinyon


Anonymous said...

Wow! Pictures do tell a thousand words. Nice capturing of your busy, fun summer. Wonderful memories! Love farm mom :)

Vanessa said...

What a fun summer you and your family has had!! Glad to be a part of some of it!
It really reminds me of how few pictures I take and how many memories may be 'lost' in my somewhat sieve like memory! In the decades to come, I may only remember the times hanging out with the Hodgsons!! Good thing they are such fun times!!

Allise said...

What a fun and busy summer! We're glad you came for a visit!

Amber said...

Some fabulous photos!