Friday, September 25, 2015

The twins are two!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Mya and Jax!
(This happened a few weeks ago... but they're not keeping track... yet!!!)

 Shayla and Tristan had great ideas for their cakes... a cow and a horse!
Because Jax and Mya love cows and horses!
We had just gotten back from camping and had spent the drive home listening to them shouting COW COW COW every time they saw a cow, which was a lot if times! So it seemed very appropriate!

Opening gifts on their birthday morning at the camp spot. 

 And later the quilts I made them... because now that they are two they are all grown up and do things like:

Sleep in big boy and girl beds!

And they have also taken up riding bikes!

It is fun to be two!
And in this house, two times the fun!!


Vanessa said...

Yeay!! Two does look like a tone of fun! A cow cake?!!! Wow, Amelia is so jealous!! haha. They have an awesome bedroom... now you just need padding on the walls! Did I tell you Amelia has her own room and bed now too?... so far so much better!
Happy Birthday to the twins!

Allise said...

Wow! How's the big kid bed sleeping going? Alexander still hasn't tried to escape his crib so I'm hesitant to take him out! Looks like those two had fun!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Love their wall-to-wall bed, big-kid bedroom! he,he They won't fall off and bump their heads. Love those cakes too.
Tristan and Jax look almost the same size in that one picture with the cow/horse cakes. Those two year olds have really grown. Time just flies by....I can't believe how quickly all our precious grand children are growing!!! :)
Love farm gramma :) and grampa :)