Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When life gives you lemons!

Sometimes Mya comes off on this blog as having a 'very strong and loud' personality. She also comes off this way in life! And Jax gets the 'easy going guy' label.  Which is also generally true. But sometimes, even if you are the most chilled out dude, life throws you some lemons and you just aren't in the mood to make lemonade!

Believe me Jax... I hear ya!

We were at the checkout at Walmart. The shopping had went well but had taken longer than expected. It was now lunch time. The lady in front of us was buying some strawberries with her other purchases. Those juicy, delicious looking strawberries were just sitting there on the conveyor in front of us.
Jax wanted them.
I wanted him to have them.
Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. Life likes to teach lessons to 2 year olds. And he actually seemed to have resigned himself to this life lesson; even though those yummy looking strawberries are just sitting right there in front of your nose and you are starving, you can't have them. Mom says. 

Then he noticed the bananas on the conveyor behind us. Not ours, but the next shopper waiting in line. He got his point across.
Quickly. Loudly. No relenting.
He was starving, Mom said no to the strawberries. He was having a banana.

Except he wasn't having a banana.
No sympathic Mother offered up a banana for me to purchase. Must have been one of those Mom's that like their children to learn life's lesson. You know, the kind with the well behaved, unspoilt children, who stand patiently in long line ups, quietly watching chocolate bars, gum balls and neon, noise making, remote control rocket ships buzz by their noses, as they say politely to their Mom how excited they are to get home and eat their oatmeal porridge and play with their handmade finger puppets. That or she saw the 4 kids and did the math, if I offer one, I'll have to offer 4 and then goodbye bananas! Or she was too busy on her phone to notice us and our lack of banana scenario. Oh... or maybe she just likes to see other people's children have a good ol' temper tantrum. Lord knows I do, make me feel better about my own parenting! ;)

So we continued, as best we could, with Jax screaming and kicking in my arms and then screaming and kicking on the floor as I paid for our non food purchases. All the while other random shoppers would walk by and say comments, like, having a bad day buddy, poor guy, it's rough hey bud! 

Now you would think a rational person, a Mother who's been through this a time or two... would get the hell outta dodge!
Nope not this Mama.
This Mama's brain has turned to mush.  All it was thinking was: food... we need food.  No food in car. Tim Horton's on our way out. Grab food. What... you people want soup?! We can't eat that in the car. We have to eat here?! OK, deep breath, we can do this, food will stop this relentless noise.

Food did quiet the noise maker somewhat. Although he did spend a lot of time complaining and crying for anything he didn't have or wasn't presented in the right format or what have you.

And the whole while this was going on, Miss Mya stood patiently in line and then sat at her chair, eating her grilled cheese, quietly and politely... like a perfect angel.

When life gives you lemons and you're not in the mood to make lemonade, I'm sure it's as annoying as all hell lovely to have your counterpart sit there happily sipping her hand squeezed batch!


Anonymous said...

Life, eh, Kimberly?
Too funny! Guess Mya was letting Jax have the limelight that day! He also gave her a chance to shine and be the angel! He.He.
Note to self *Keep bananas in my purse!*
Love mom :)

Vanessa said...

Awwe... poor little guy... just having a bad day eh?! Sometimes what life doesn't give you can be as tough as those darn lemons!!
What do you think the lady would have said if you reached back and took a banana? ;) Without even asking??! Probably nothing at that point :)
Mia Mia Mia... she was probably taking notes so she could give Jax tips later on... you know, like how to really get a banana... maybe higher pitched screaming and such!
Look forward to getting more time with your lovely kiddos in October!

Allise said...

This is why my diaper bag is so heavy... food!!!
It's my 'mommy security blanket' when we go out. I feel like I'll be ok no matter what as long as I have food for A. Although he does prove me wrong occasionally 😉 Was it more unsettling than normal,because it was J and not M?

Kimberly said...

Vanessa, that gave me the giggles, just thinking about what the 'banana buying family' would have thought, if I had, after that amount of screaming just reached back and broke off a banana and shoved it in that wide open cavern, without saying a word.

Allise, you got me thinking... That was totally me. I was always packed to the nines with food and snacks whenever I went out with Shayla and Tristan. If Clayton ever took them by himself, I'd be like 'aren't you bringing snacks' and he'd grab 2 granola bars! And I'd think... that's all you're taking... that's just wanting to get burned!!! So, one would think, with 4 kids I would really rather set myself up for more chances of success... and sometimes I do. But for those other times I don't, which seem to be more often lately, I am now wondering why.
After giving it some thought, this is what I've come up with:
(I'll number them as trips... for no real reason other then I like making lists!)

Trip 1. They already ate it all. Those children are like a pack of wild dogs, as soon as they get in the car, the food... the more desirable food, the food I took time to prepare for this particular journey, not the mangled costco granola bars in the bottom of the diaper bag... is gone and we are only 10 minutes in to our trip.

Trip 2. Last time they ate it in the first 10 minutes and it took me an hour to wash, cut and put that crap in to individual, easy to distribute containers (ie. containers that can be hucked to the back row of the Suburban and stay shut but yet can easily be opened by children), this time they can suck it up and eat some rock hard granola bars. That way we may actually get out of this house before noon... maybe.

Trip 3. So ya, last time they chipped away at those granola bars, sure there was some complaining... but the amount of time it took to eat those things made it well worth it. Crap, I thought there were granola bars in here, guess they all got eaten last trip. Oops!

Trip 4. Ok, I admit last time was pretty loud with the hangry crying but I couldn't even hear the complaining from the back row over the racket coming from the middle and then some gave up and some fell asleep and all was quiet. And I didn't even have to pack a bag with me! Should I dare try it again?! It means I could leave the house right now.... Ya ya I' m going for it.

A future trip...
Trip 5. Shopping. Got the 4 kids in the cart and we are gettin 'er done.
'Excuse me Miss, your daughter lost her shoe back there.'
'Pardon, can't hear you over the screaming?'
'Your daughter's shoe, here...'
'Thanks, but don't come to close, my son has a poop in his diaper and it's a gagger.'
'There is a change table in that washroom over there, I just used it to changed my little ones diaper.'
'Thanks but ya I don't have a diaper bag with me.'
'Ya we just do that stuff at home, you know the eating and the changing.'
'Oh, so you live close by?'
'Well not real close, only about 45 minutes away.'
'Lady! What's wrong with you?!!!!'
'Oh sorry, I thought it was obvious... I have 4 child syndrome!'

Haha! Hopefully this is NOT actually me one day. But ya never know I guess!

Should have made this an actual blog post!

Vanessa said...

Haha! you should have made this an actual post so people could read it! Not everyone re checks the comments you know! See, I already head out and forget the diaper bag or water or food.... that is why I should stick to one or maybe two kids max! Luckily everything in Lillooet is 5 minutes away :)