Monday, October 26, 2015


My favourite thing about our Mexico trip:

Clayton's favourite thing:
(To clarify: His favourite thing was not looking at a horse standing on the beach, but sitting and relaxing with a beer in hand. Just had no pictures of it!)


Amber said...

Is that your surfing experience? If so, you look awesome out there!

Vanessa said...

You do look Awesome!!! Woo hoo :) I think you are already better than me! Damn!! Your favourite thing looks better than Clayton's favourite thing.... to me anyway. But I bet Clayton got to do more of his favourite thing then you did! :) So glad you got to the beach!

Also way to go sneaking an october post in.... thought you were going to miss a month completely!! Yikes!!!

Kimberly said...

Thanks! Yes, that is me surfing... I surprised myself, as I have tried surfing twice before, both times being in cold Canadian waters and had no success the first time and 3 seconds of success the second time. So being able to catch at least 5 different waves and stand up for more than 10 seconds was amazing! And being warm to boot! Good times!

Anonymous said...

You look like a pro surfer Kimberly. Good thing Clayton's favourite thing allowed for several successive photos of you doing your favourite thing! It's forever captured!
Glad you clarified Clayton's favourite thing as I wondered if he had taken to horses all of a sudden. he.he
love mom :)

Allise said...

Nice!!! I've yet to try surfing but always imagine it to be quite challenging! Glad to see Clayton took full advantage of no kids!!!!!!