Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Happy Harvest!

Happy 6 year old driver! 

Happy pumpkin carving!

Happy eating!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Things!

Happy arresting officer!

Happy Mom:
When your two year old toddlers know when enough is enough!
The example:
We went to visit Great Grandma this morning and brought some donuts. Tristan's idea. Mya brought a head of broccoli. And ate that instead of a donut. Jax started with a donut until he saw Mya chowing down on some broccoli and then got in on the broccoli action.

Geez Mom, haven't you noticed we have been eating far too much candy the last few days?!
Broccoli cleanse anyone?! 


Anonymous said...

Love those Halloween pictures. adorable "things", cute kids, cute pumpkin eating another little pumpkin, careful young driver, handsome arresting officer and good on broccoli winning out! love farm gramma :)

Allise said...

Right on twins! Nice pictures! Alexander loved his first trick-or-treating experience! Hope the kiddos all had fun!

Vanessa said...

Seriously?! Broccoli!??? I don't even like raw broccoli... cooked then drenched in butter maybe... hmmmmm crazy kind of kiddos you have!
Love the pictures! Beautiful!! Is Shayla really driving?! way to go girls if you are ;)
All of their halloween costumes are very cute... although I'm thinking Tristan needs to be slapping the cuffs on those 'things'... they are the rule breakers if I remember that story correctly ;)

Vanessa said...

Wait a minute! I just went and re looked at the pictures again.... how did you get Shayla's hair so black?

Amber said...

Love the broccoli! We had Tori eating frozen peas when she had a fever once. Ended up taking her to the doc and he was baffled that a kid would want to eat frozen peas... they were cold and yummy! Kids know!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are still so cute..... One notices new things each time you look! That is one big carrot little Miss Mya is eating! Too cute. XO farm gramma :)

Anonymous said...

How did you get Shayla's hair so dark? XO

Kimberly said...

Shaylal's hair... black hair spray... she loved it, until it came time to take it out. And vowed never to do that again!