Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Vanessa sent me this link to a video about happiness.
I clicked on the link, saw the video was 12 minutes long and didn't watch it.
If I had 12 minutes to do something for myself, it wasn't going to be spent watching a video on happiness. It would be spent doing something that would bring actual happiness to me... like going for a 12 minute snowshoe or getting a 12 minute foot massage!

Then a few weeks later, in a bout of unhappiness I thought: why can't I just live in the moment, why can't I just be happy!

And then I remembered that video.
Remembered I didn't go for that 12 minute happiness inducing snowshoe or get that 12 minute happiness inducing foot massage.
So why not watch a 12 minute video on happiness instead?!

So I did.
The speaker was kind of comical and at the very end he had a few suggestions on how to change your outlook on life to be a happy one.

Here is the list, for those of you who are opting out and going for the 12 minute snowshoe instead!
(Although it was funny and had some interesting points; like how everything is always brought down to the average... the middle line... the group where most people settle or fit!)

Creating lasting positive change!
For 21 days do the following each day:
1. Write 3 (new) things that you are grateful for
2. Journal about a positive experience
4. Meditate (I googled meditation for beginners and found sitting alone and focusing on having a clear mind for only 1 or 2 minutes counts!)
5. Random acts of kindness

So I am doing it! Well, started doing it, then missed 2 days. Then tried to talk Clayton into doing it with me to help me stay on track. Found out Clayton already feels happy enough. Felt jealous! Decided to cut myself some slack. Started again for 2 days. Forgot again.
But I am doing this... if it takes me until the end of 2016!

Internal happiness here I come! :)


Allise said...

Reading what you wrote about not watching the video because you would use your time differently.... I share those same thoughts! And will probably come back on here and watch the video in a few weeks, haha!
It seems that many content people I know do a number of the things on your list each day. Maybe there is something to it?
I find that if I set out to do the things on your list with "I'm doing this to feel more happy/grateful/joy etc" then I often get less out of it than if I enter into it thinking "I'm going to do something for myself and see how it turns out/how I feel". For me placing no pressure on myself to feel a certain way while doing something for myself helps. I often end up feeling positive after but do experience a wash of feelings during(especially when running - it's a love/hate thing☺️) After all the rainbow is only as beautiful as it is because of all the colours... not just our favourites ☺️ Wow, some corny wisdom from the west coast this morning ❤️

Anonymous said...

I didn't make time for the video (or me, I guess!).... I wondered about it but I thought.... 12 minutes! Sounds like it's worth it.... but then Vanessa would only send us on worthwhile pursuits or adventures!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the west coast wisdom Allise! Ya I think things do turn out better without expectations... but it's hard for me to do that!!! And ya, after posting this, I fell right off the wagon and did none of these things... maybe I'll start again today! Hope everyone had a good Christmas holidays! Back to real life and routine! And maybe a blog post in the near future! Maybe!

Vanessa said...

Well, I've watched the video and still not started either :) human nature!! I could use some eternal happiness!! Here I come too ;) see you there Kimberly!!