Monday, January 18, 2016

Farmyard fun?

Hey, weren't we just playing a nice, peaceful game of farm! 
Where did all the animals go?

Found them!
I guess this is what happens when you are married to a person who likes to hunt.
And likes to take his young children hunting with him.

See the red and yellow dots behind Tristan's right elbow... that is the 'dead pile.'
Run little rainbow animals, run! 
That is not farmer Tristan anymore. 
And that is no longer an imaginary bucket of grain he has in his hands!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Love how focused Tristan is...A hush falls as he moves in on the wild herd of dangerous farm animals, slithering along on his stomach so as not to be detected, eyes right low to sight a clear shot, feet braced against the straight-up, towering cliff behind...He takes careful aim, in hopes of bagging another varmit to bring home to his starving, gaunt family back home!
Clayton is good teacher! Tristan will provide for his family as his Dad does!
Love Farm (dare I say that-will our animals be safe?) Gramma :)

Vanessa said...

This is an awesome post, I should have commented on it months ago... forgive me I was in Mexico and it's painful doing any typing on my iphone.
Love the empty barn shot, followed by the 'hunter' in action... trigger happy pegging off animals standing in a herd... he's going to need moving toy targets soon to up his game ;)