Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year...

... a little late. But hey, that's typical here on Kimberbucket! ;)

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2016!

I was trying to think of what I could write about and not a single wonderfully hilarious (or even just cute) story popped into my head. So I just started typing, hoping something would jump onto this page.

Ya, so far, nothing...

I had a cute story about Jax that happened the other day... but cannot remember it for the life of me today. Again... typical.

We have been having a good 2016 so far.
This prairie winter has been unusually warm and with enough snow to get outside and play. The kids and I have been tobogganing lots out on the little hill behind our house.  I am so thankful for that hill.  When there are only 2 hills in town, a person is really thankful that one of them is located right behind their house!

I have also been cross country skiing out behind our house in the field many more times than I am normally able to because of the snow sticking around this year.  And it has been pleasantly warm every time I have gone out! Yes... that is what I wrote... pleasantly warm! I am so thankful for the snow and the pleasant weather.

Our kids are wonderful. They have been really sweet to each other lately.
*Shayla came home from school the other day and made everyone hot chocolate and was being so accommodating to everyone's needs and just on top of keeping the peace.  And tonight, I came out from tucking the other 3 into bed and she had brushed her teeth and was cleaning up the living room.
*Tristan has been so patient building and playing trains with Jax, it is just adorable to watch them play. That kid just melts my heart daily, with his general sweetness and his cuddles and his Mommy, I have to tell you something: I love you!
*Mya has some traits starting to emerge, that remind me of my younger sister. Maybe it's a 3rd born girl thing. She is very caring and nurturing towards her sick or sad siblings. Shayla was cuddled on the couch, trying to warm up and Mya brought her another blanket and then her water bottle. Whenever I say ouch or take in a deep... possibly frustrated sounding... breath she comes over and pats my back and says, you k Mom?
*Jax is so polite. He has been for a while now. Saying please and thank you and sometimes even you're welcome. I love when I do something for him, like help him put on his snow boots or give his spoon back to him after it fell on the floor and he looks at me with those big blue eyes and says thank you Mommy. Or when Mya does something for him, like give him a toy, he shouts Mya gave! And then thank you Mya. And she usually says, thank you Jax, you're welcome Jax, in a little harder to understand englishSo damn cute those two.
I am so thankful for my sweet and adorable children.

Well, looky here, my 3 gratitudes for today!

And there you have it folks: How creating lasting positive change killed a blog!

Because positive, happy, lovey dovey stories are positive, happy and lovey dovey and no one wants to read that kind of sap!!!

Over and out!


Allise said...

Cute kiddos! What a nice way to enter 2016 - full of gratitude for the munchkins in your life ☺️ And the 'pleasant' weather. Although I'm sure it doesn't compare to the 4 degrees with sunshine out here 😉 And I agree that any post is better late than never!!

Vanessa said...

I love the grateful adorable lovie stories! When did verbally shitting on our loved ones and our life experiences become the norm? CNN perhaps? I think talking about the bad times in ones life used to be kinda taboo, airing ones dirty laundry. I love the funny, the happy, the sad and the crap stories, to remember that we are all experiencing similar challenges along with our achievements. It was so nice talking on the phone about temper tantrums and two year olds as well as hearing about Jax's politeness, which Amelia has too :) we aren't alone in life, others feel the same ups and downs... Talking about and being grateful for the good times puts us in a good head space. Reading about the good times years down the road will be awesome :)
Well enough already!! Love you, so happy to read about your beauties!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about those darling and caring things your four cutie pies do! It's wonderful! I'm glad you're grateful for your kids; I sure was (and still am) grateful for mine and now I also have grand children that bring joy and gratitude!
Glad to hear that your weather is so warm and lovely! I know how you love the outdoors!
Love mom :) (AKA farm gramma)